New! SRR Intracel treatment - No-Needle Intracel

Doesn't that sound like the best thing EVER?!  Well, don't get too excited.  Depending on your desired results, the Intracel treatment may still be your best bet.  Ideally the two treatments work hand in hand.  Intracel works to increase mass collagen production in the dermal layers - where the deeper lines/wrinkles, acne scars, and tightening really occurs. 

The SRR (Superficial Radio Frequency Rejuvenation - say that 10 times fast), targets the epidermis increasing collagen production in the upper skin layers to promote a smooth, even texture and a healthy glow.   We recommend combining the two treatments.  First the Intracel treatment, followed by the SRR treatment 2 weeks later.   The SRR alone is also ideal for those in their late 20's, early 30's to work on prevention. 

Remember, all of our consultations are complimentary.  Feel free to meet with us and discuss the best treatment plan for you.

SRR reg pricing Full Face & Neck  $450        INTRO PRICE   $325

*Purchase an Intracel treatment and add the SRR for only $199

**Purchase an Intracel pkg of 3 - and receive 1 SRR for FREE!

Contact us to book a complimentary consultation. Must be purchased by March 31, 2015.May not be combined with any other offers.