Frequently Asked Questions


Laser Hair Removal

+ What should I expect with Laser Hair Removal?

You'll love it! Here's why...NO HAIR! Smooth skin, no razor burn or bumps, no in grown hair…just smooth skin. What we hear repeatedly, “This is the best money I’ve ever spent”! Followed by, “I wish I had done this sooner”.

+ How long does it take (how many treatments does it take)?

  • Facial hair – treatments are usually at 4-6 week intervals
  • Body hair – treatments are usually at 8 week intervals Most people need 5–7 treatments and 2-3 touch up treatments (which are offered at ½ price).

+ What type of reaction should I expect?

Usual Reaction: The area turns pink/red and is welted. The welts tend to resolve very quickly 15mins – 2 hours. Redness is dependent on your skins sensitivity.

Adverse Reactions: Can include hyper/hypo pigmentation (a darkening or lightening of the skin) – which will rectify itself over time. Some need weeks, some months. Bruising – not very common at all.

+ Is Laser Painful?

Yes....a little, a depends on you and your pain threshold, what area you are treating, and what service you are having done. There are things you can use to help numb the pain. We also use a Smartcool system (which blows intense cold air at the site of the treatment), this helps our technicians treat 25% more aggressively than without the unit.

+ But I hear about "painless" laser hair removal that true?

When you hear of "painless" laser hair removal treatments, they are either not being completely honest or they are using a laser which does not emit much energy, which in turn means, it will not work - or worse - it may change the hair you are treating to white hair, just de-pigmenting the hair. Once this hair turns white, no laser can treat it (only electrolysis would be able to treat the white hair)!

+ Can I go right back to work after a laser treatment?

Depending on the service, area, and your skin's sensitivity, you may be pink/red anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. If the area is very dense, ther is also a tendency to be rod for a longer period of time.

+ What general post laser treatment do you recommend?

If the area feels hot, apply a cold pack until area does not reheat (this will prevent a burn). Use Polysporin twice daily for 3 – 5 days. Avoid exercise for 24 -48 hours (2 weeks for leg veins). Avoid hot tubs and hot showers for 24 – 48 hours.

+ Is the laser dangerous?

No. Not if you are being treated by a trained professional. Further, you should not be used if you are undergoing certain therapies/treatments which could conflict (i.e. Chemotherapy, acutane, etc.).

+ Am I able to go tanning during my treatments?

Yes…and No. For the best results you should be as close to your natural colouring as possible. The Nd:YAG laser is able to treat dark skins as well as tanned skins. However, it will only see dark hair. Therefore, if you are tanned and have medium brown hair, you will not achieve the result you would without a tan.

+ Why are your services more expensive than some of your competitors?

You will find quite a range in pricing for laser services out there, but be aware. There are many spas and clinics using IPL machines instead of lasers. These are much less expensive machines and therefore they are able to charge less. However, they work very differently. IPL machines (Intense Pulsed Light) are great for Photo Facials. People with rosacea, or very blotchy, uneven toned skin, will do very well with IPL treatments. Hair removal, spider veins, broken capillaries and sun damage however, require a true laser. In the end, you will spend less money and time and have better results with a proper medical grade laser. Do some research on the machine being used, before you commit.

We use the Apogee Elite by Cynosure. It is the Gold Standard for hair removal and leg veins.

+ Am I able to have laser treatments if I am pregnant?

No. We will not treat you if you are pregnant. Although nothing would likely happen, this is a precautionary measure.

+ If I am nursing, am I able to have laser treatments?

Yes. However, if the area you wish to treat arose from pregnancy, then you should NOT treat it at all…yet. Sometimes women tend to grow hair in certain areas when pregnant and these areas will usually shed once you've finished breastfeeding.

+ I have a problem with ingrown hair. Will laser treatment help?

YES! You will LOVE laser! You will notice a big difference in your ingrown hair after just 1 session. After each treatment you will find this annoying problem much better. As you have less hair, you will have less of a problem. You won't believe the treated area was the same area you started your treatments with. It'll be smooth, soft, and no bumps!

+ Can I workout after my hair removal treatment?

You should normally avoid working out for 24-48 hours post treatment.


Spider Veins / Leg Veins Treatments

+ What should I expect with a Spider Vein / Leg Vein treatment?

You'll love it! Here's why...No more bruise look alike on your leg! What we hear repeatedly, “Wow…I can’t believe those are my legs”!

+ How long does the vein treatment take (how many treatments does it take)?

  • Treatments are generally 6 weeks apart.
  • Most people need 2 – 3 treatments for any one area.

+ What type of reaction should I expect from the vein treatment?

Usual Reaction: The vein turns darker in colour (because it was coagulated). Welting appears – looking like a cat scratch – lasting up to 2 hours. Area will feel tender for up to 2 – 4 weeks post treatment. Bruising is fairly common, especially if the veins being treated are purple in colour and over 1mm in thickness. This will go away.

Adverse Reaction: Hyper-pigmentation can occur here as well, but will eventually go away. Our Smart Cool system aids in the prevention of this.

+ Is there anything I need to bring with me for the vein treatment? What about after care?

Client must bring/purchase tensor bandages or compression stockings. You should leave the centre wearing one of the two. The area must remain wrapped for 1 -2 weeks. You should avoid exercise and long walks for that time as well.

+ Can I work out after my vein treatment?

You should NOT workout for 1-2 weeks time.


Sun Damage and Pigmentation Treatments

+ What should I expect with a Sun Damage or Pigmentation treatment?

You'll love it! Here's why...Age spots? Who wants something called an “Age Spot”?

What we hear repeatedly, “I love seeing my skin colour looking so much more even”! or “My hands look at least 10 years younger!”

+ How long does the pigmentation treatment take (how many treatments does it take)?

Treatments are generally 6 weeks apart.

Most people need 2 – 3 treatments for any one area. You will notice a reduction each visit.

+ What type of reaction should I expect from the pigmentation treatment?

Usual Reaction: The skin is darker and more apparent than prior. It begins to flake approx 1 -3 weeks post treatment. Area feels dry and scab like.

Adverse Reaction: Hyper-pigmentation can occur here as well. On hands or décolleté area, there is a chance of blistering as well.

+ What care do you recommend after my pigmentation treatment?

Post treatment includes using Polysporin twice daily for a minimum of 3 days, NO SUN EXPOSURE (use a 60 SPF sunblock if you are going to be in the sun – even for a short while) and no picking/flaking of the dead skin (allow it to shed on its own).


Broken Capillaries Treatments

+ What should I expect with a Broken Capillaries treatment?

You'll love it! Here's why...Wine, what wine?

What I hear repeatedly, “I love that my skin looks more evenly toned” or “Thank you, I don’t look like a drinker anymore”!

+ How long does the broken capillaries treatment take (how many treatments does it take)?

Treatments are generally 6 weeks apart.

Most people need 1 – 3 treatments for any one area.

+ What type of reaction should I expect from my broken capillaries treatment?

Usual Reaction: The area is pink/red and welted (erythema). Most treatments actually result in complete disappearance of most vessels. These vessels are usually red in colour (not purple) and tend to actually scatter rather than coagulate.

Adverse Reaction: Bruising may occur (however it would only be 3mms in size – that is the size of the hand piece being used for this treatment). Blistering is possible, yet very uncommon. Temporary pitting is possible, and again very uncommon.


Photo Facial Treatments

+ Who is a candidate?

Anyone with unwanted sun damage, age spots, brown flat pigment and a desire for an even skin tone.

Also those with small broken capillaries or diffused redness.

+ Is it painful?

Most say the pain level is approximately a 5-6 out of 10.  It is really dependent on how much the laser light is targeting.

+ Are there side effects?

There are possible side effects to any treatment.  More common is that the skin is quite pink and can be warm.  We will apply cold packs if necessary.  However, most clients leave and no one would be the wiser!

+ What machine do you use?

We use the Jeisys Smooth Cool IPL machine, which is a medical grade, high powered IPL for great results.

+ What is the technicians experience?

We have only extremely well trained, experienced staff work with these medical grade technologies.

+ What results can I expect with just one treatment?

Most clients do need 2-3 treatments to treat either broken capillaries or sun damage/pigment.  In the case of pigment - ideally the pigment will actually turn darker and form a slight scab.  It is best to keep the skin well hydrated and allow the scab to come off on its own.  This usually happens within 7 - 21 days. In the case of broken capillaries and diffused redness - most capillaries will disappear immediately, however, some will refill within the next couple of days and others will be gone for good.  With 2-3 treatments you will see a more permanent result.

+ Are there any pre-treatment protocols?

Yes.  Definitely you must not have a tan.  You should be your natural skin colour at the time of any IPL treatment.  Also, hold off on using any AHA, BHA, Retinol, Vit A, etc., for 3 days prior and do not continue until 3 days post (unless we recommend otherwise).

+ Do you recommend any specific after care?

Yes.  We would like our clients to use high quality skin care after a treatment like this - You should be using great skin care ALWAYS!! (sorry).  Usually we will recommend a very gentle cleanser and an extremely hydrating post intensive treatment moisturizer.  Sometimes we will also recommend a specific serum for an added punch - if your skin can handle it.

+ How soon after would I do a second treatment?

ost often we will not retreat for a minimum of 4 weeks.  The usual recommendation is 6 weeks.


INTRAcel Treatments

+ Who is a candidate?

Anyone with signs of aging. Ie. Lines/wrinkles, loose skin, thinner skin, creping, etc.

Also those with scarring - acne scaring, pock marks, etc.

+ What results can I expect?

Most clients will notice a tightening effect, a thickening of the skin and a smoother appearance in as early as 4 weeks post treatment. However, that one treatment is working to stimulate collagen production for up to 6 months.

+ What is the downtime to be expected?

1-2 days post treatment is the usual. This is different depending on each person's comfort level. Most of our clients find that 1 day at home and the next into a little make-up is fine.

+ How does Intracel differ from other Radio Frequency treatments?

Comparable technologies deliver radio frequency (RF) to the epidermis (outer layer of skin), in hopes that the RF is penetrated to the dermal layer (deeper layer), where collagen production takes place. Therefore the downtime is greater (as the RF is causing surface damage) and the results are not as favourable either. With similar pricing - the Intracel is hands down the better choice.

+ How painful is it?

A numbing gel is applied prior to treatment. Most clients rate the pain as a 4 out of 10. It is quite manageable.

+ How frequently it this recommended?

To maintain the collagen you have - 1-2 per year. To consistently increase collagen - 2-4 per year. To treat deeper lines and acne scarring - every 3 months until you reach the desired result.

+ Will I see a difference in just one treatment?

Yes. Most clients notice a difference with only one treatment. With some the difference is very obvious, and others it is more subtle. We also take before and after pictures that we will share with you.

+ What is the treatment protocol?

We book a 2 hour session which includes: - pre-treatment including before photos - 15mins - numbing gel - 30mins - treatment - approx. 45mins - post treatment (soothing mask with cold packs) - 15mins - We also review home care and book a follow up visit to take after pics and review changes - approx 6-8 weeks post treatment.