NEW!  Advanced Rejuvenation Facial  

90 minutes of BLISS --  everything you could possibly want in a facial treatment.

The treatment is entirely customized and includes:
- lymphatic drainage technique
- pressure point massage
- scalp massage
- hand massage
- foot massage
- extractions if desired
Zzzzzzz…. Sorry!  I dozed off there!  Does that sound heavenly or what?! 



Age Defying Cell Regeneration Facials


Cell Regeneration - Lift Treatment  

This premium treatment offers cosmetic wrinkle reduction with highly effective ingredients pared with manual stimulation of the connective tissue.

Helps combat premature wrinkles, slack contours, loss of elasticity and reduced ability to retain moisture. This manual-face-lift detoxifies and purges tissue, leaving behind healthy toned skin.

$160 / $410 pkg of 3


Cell Regeneration - Balance Treatment

This regenerating, relaxing anti-aging treatment gives a renewed feel. As in the Lift Treatment, the biological polypeptides stimulate cell migration. Cells are repaired and the aging process of the skin is delayed. After a relaxing facial massage, the ability of the skin to absorb the ingredients is increased with a plaster mask.

$150 / $383 pkg of 3


Cell Regeneration - Quick Lift

A short but effective treatment with immediately visible results. This is for those of you who have too little time - also good for a shorter treatment for in between facials (or micro/IPL/Laser etc.). Small wrinkles and lines are padded and the skin appears noticeably refreshed and rejuvenated.

$99 / $268 pkg of 3


Add on Treatments


Eye & Lip Renewal  $25


Detox  $30