Laser Hair Removal

With the Apogee Elite laser (Gold Standard Medical Grade Laser), we are able to treat all skin types including tanned skins without damaging the skin. The Apogee Elite has two laser machines in the one body. We are able to use the Alexandrite 755nm for lighter skins and permanently destroy even light brown hair (where other machines cannot). We often have clients come in to treat hair where another technician could not.

The Nd:YAG 1064nm, is able to treat darker skin types including tanned skins. However, no machine can treat hair that is lighter in colour then the skin. If you are a tanned individual and have medium to light brown hair, you will not fare well with the 1064nm. You would need to lighten your skin to very close to it's natural colouring. Then you would have great results.

You must shave the area being treated, one day prior to treatment. This way the laser energy is not being wasted on destroying the hair, instead it is focusing on the root and papilla. The papilla is what produces a root. That is what we want to destroy. When the hair is in the growth cycle (anagen stage), and has a brown/black bulbous root, the laser is attracted and heats up that root. In doing so, the heat cauterizes the papilla, leaving it unable to receive nutrients from the blood stream and therefore unable to produce a new root/hair.

Treatments should follow a fairly strict schedule. The goal is to perform all your treatments at a time when the hair is most likely to be in the growth stage. This will deliver the best result. Generally facial treatments are 4-6 wks apart and body treatments are 6-10 wks apart.

Remember...Consultations are always complimentary. Call us to book an appointment to come in and discuss any concerns, have your questions answered, have a test patch done, and most importantly, see if you feel comfortable. Let us help you understand what makes us unique.


I started laser hair removal treatments with Daniela in the Fall to treat my bikini and underarms. I am happy to say that in 5 treatments I am enjoying a hair free summer! Thank you Daniela! Your professionalism and care throughout the whole treatment was exceptional.
— Grace, Aurora
More than 12 years ago I had laser hair removal for my upper legs and bikini area. Today as a 51 year old woman I confidently wear a bikini, short skirt or shorts. I am proud of my body. I would not have been able to do this before receiving laser hair removal.

Daniela Hofmann uses the best laser hair removal technology in the industry. Daniela treats each of her clients with compassion and consideration.

If you are looking for permanent and safe hair removal, then I would not hesitate to contact Freedom Medi-Spa today.
— Sandy, Orangeville
I am a new client to Daniela and Freedom Medi-Spa, I was intersted in trying to erase some of the redness and pigmentation and sun damage to my face, and after just a few laser treatments with Daniela they are almost completely gone!!! She also managed to remove some spots on my face that I did not even know could be removed!!! The little bit of discomfort at first was easily managed and Daniela is always very gentle but effective. Thank you so much Daniela for making my skin less red, less blotchy and overall so much better!!! I will see you again very soon!
— Andrea, Thornhill
For years I’ve always thought about laser hair removal but was always afraid it wouldn’t work or that it would hurt. When I saw the results a friend of mine had while going to Daniela, I decided to give it a try. After that first visit, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how incredible the results were and with minimal pain. Not only did I get amazing results but Daniela is amazing at what she does and I felt comfortable with her from day one. I brag about Daniela to my friends and family and many want to go and give it a try themselves. Thanks Daniela! I wish i had met you sooner :)
— Doris, Woodbridge
My laser experience with Daniela has been absolutely exceptional. She is friendly, caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I am truly happy with my results and would recommend Daniela’s services to anyone looking for effective results.
— Debbie, Woodbridge
Daniela provides great service for laser hair removal and electrolysis. I’ve had excellent results. I love not having to shave or worry about my legs at all. I just shower, get dressed, and go. She is also great to talk to and makes the appointment time fly by. I always look forward to seeing her.
— Anita, Richmond Hill
I competed 5 treatments of laser with Daniela about 4 years ago. My area of treatment was upper leg and bikini. I am thrilled to say that to this day I have smooth hairless legs. Daniela was always professional and on the cutting edge of the business.
— Annette, Maple
I went to Daniela for my laser hair removal for my bikini line and underarms. Daniela is super friendly, her place is always spotlessly clean and her equipment is top notch. The best part is that the hair did not grow back! I am so happy that I got it done!!!
— Anna, Maple
I am a university student and before I started laser hair removal treatments I was very self conscious about the hair on my legs. It wasn’t dark, but there was a lot of it. Since starting treatment I haven’t had to shave once, the few hairs that do come back are lighter and finer, and most of all I feel confident wearing shorts and bathing suits. I am now happy to go to the gym or a friend’s pool and the thought of whether my legs are ‘good to go’ doesn’t even cross my mind.
— Kate, Uxbridge
Dear Daniela, Let me start by saying you are a caring, warm and sincere individual and that you really know your stuff! I felt very at ease coming to you for laser treatments. I am also thrilled with the results of the blemishes, now completely gone, from my face and the ‘clean up’ of a few unwanted hairs. Vanessa is an amazing addition to your spa and I wish her success which is bound to happen with you as a role model. Blessings to you both!
— Josie, Woodbridge
I am a very skeptical person, especially when it comes to skin and most importantly face treatments and products. I used to drive by Freedom Medi-Spa and never thought of going in.
After almost 8 months or so I decided to switch spas and give Freedom a chance, made my appointment and I was really impressed by the ambiance and the services they had to offer. With skepticism I decided to do facial hair removal treatment and some facial treatments. Boy oh boy what a difference I noticed... even other people started complimenting me on how good my skin looked!
I also decided to switch the products I was using. I tried a few samples before committing, then I switched and have never been happier.
Daniela and her team are very professional, and they will do their best to give you more than what you were looking for.
You will be very happy when you will see your natural beauty shine bright with their help.
— Shelly (a loyal customer of 1 year who never writes testimonials), Brampton