Vanessa's Green Peel experience

I was extremely excited about getting the Green Peel treatment.  I found the treatment relaxing and was surprised with the steps involved in the treatment process.  I think it should be called a Green Peel Facial!  The first 3 days following the peel I could actually feel the herbs working.  When I touched my face I could feel a prickling sensation within my skin.  It was reassuring to know the herbs were working.  By day 4 my skin started to lightly peel and continued to peel until my follow-up facial on Day 7.  The blemish balm with SPF 20 helped cover and hide the peeling (which I think is very important).  I felt totally comfortable going to work and being in public.  On day 7 I had my follow-up facial, which helped slough off any remaining peeling skin and really helped kick start the improvements.  My skin feels very smooth and light and I notice a difference in the tone of my skin, it's just glowing!!!  My main concern was post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (scaring) caused by acne, and I DO notice a difference -- which is huge for me.