Daniela's Green Peel experience

I had heard a few people complain that the peel itself was a bit painful.  I found the treatment quite relaxing (and I am a big suck!).  I looked red after the treatment, however one of the homecare products is the Blemish Balm (an AMAZING product, which has 20 SPF, calms redness and blemishes/impurities and acts as a foundation), which completely toned the redness down.  In fact, I really didn't look as though I had had anything done.  I didn't actually peel very much - that is likely due to the fact that I use the ageLOC serum daily and that is constantly exfoliating the skin.  At day 5, I thought my skin actually didn't look very good at all.  I had little breakouts on my cheeks and the tone didn't seem all that nice either (felt super soft though).  I had my follow up facial at day 7, and after that I felt my skin looked much better.  The next day, the blemishes had almost all disappeared and my skin was REALLY glowing.  People began commenting on how good it looked.  Now at the 2 week mark, I can say I am now beginning to notice differences in lines, and my skin continues to look great (better each day).  Due to the deep penetration of the herbs, the skin continues to improve and should up until the 3-4 week mark.

My younger friends will be envious!  I am turning back that clock girls!!!