I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar

Would you say you are a confident person?  Do you generally feel good about yourself?  Does your "inside" you, match your "outside" you?  How do you change that?

Confidence is a work in progress.  For some it comes a little more naturally and for others it takes some sweat.  We know that being confident is an amazing quality - but why is it so hard for some of us?

I recently read an article by Jamie McKillop of "Well & Good NYC", based on activist, author, and girl-power guru, Alexis Jones - (author of "I am That Girl").  I was instantly attracted to her writing and her thoughts on this topic.  First off, she wants us to know that we are "all beautiful bad-asses!" (Could be the sentence that made her my new bestie).

As we all know - it is not easy to embrace our inner bad-ass.  I thought I would share my fave tip from her list of 8 - but I couldn't do it - they are all great tips!   Check out her 8 Tips and remember YOU ARE AWESOME!

Check it out!

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