Skin Care Tips for colder months ahead….

1. SUNSCREEN - Yes, yes, I know you thought you were done with this until next July - sorry to tell you, you do in fact still need to use it throughout the fall/winter months.  It is in fact much easier to burn or cause deep tissue damage in the colder months rather than in the summer months.  When we feel the heat we usually slather on protection, but when we feel cold and the sun's warmth feels so nice - we don't think it's causing harm.  It is!  The Optimal Protection cream is an awesome daily light moisturizer that includes a 30 SPF.  It doesn’t make you feel greasy and absorbs nicely.

2. MOISTURIZE -  Although year round we should be hydrating our skin, it is that much more pertinent in the colder months.  Hydrated skin appears healthier, and is better protected from the elements.  Depending on your needs (i.e. sensitivity, acneic, anti-aging, dryness, etc.) we can help you choose the moisturizer that would be best suited to your needs.  Don't forget to moisturize those hard working hands too!  (Try Dr. Schrammek's Derma Zone Body Cream - AMAZING!)

3. EXFOLIATE - When the epidermis (the surface layer of skin) becomes dry, a fine layer of dead skin cells form.  While this layer may not be visibile, it makes it difficult to have proper serum or moisturizer penetration.  Not to mention it may also cause pores to become clogged.  Exfoliating 1-2/week will help clear that layer of dead skin cells and give you that desirable glow.

4. HUMIDITY - Check your home's humidifier level or have a small unit for your room during sleep.  If you're just one of those people that have that raw, dry, itchy winter skin, then it's worth using one to increase the humidity.

5. TURN DOWN THE HEAT - Be careful that your home isn't too warm.  I know some people who like wearing shorts and tee's at home, so they crank up the temperature.  Well, it's not great for the environment, your heating bill, or your skin.   That's 3 strikes!  Also, VERY drying - hot showers.  Turn down the heat a notch.  I know the feeling of warming up in a hot shower in the bitter winter is AWESOME….but…it is SOOOOO drying to the skin.  Be sure to rehydrate once you are out of the shower.

Now you are ready for -20 temps!  Yay!