Laser Hair Removal

With the Apogee Elite laser (Gold Standard Medical Grade Laser), we are able to treat all skin types including tanned skins without damaging the skin.  The Apogee Elite has two laser machines in the one body.  We are able to use the Alexandrite 755nm for lighter skins and permanently destroy even light brown hair (where other machines cannot).  We often have clients come in to treat hair where another technician could not.  

The Nd:YAG 1064nm, is able to treat darker skin types including tanned skins.  However, no machine can treat hair that is lighter in colour then the skin.  If you are a tanned individual and have medium to light brown hair, you will not fare well with the 1064nm.  You would need to lighten your skin to very close to its natural colouring.  Then you would have great results. 

You must shave the area being treated, one day prior to treatment.  This way the laser energy is not being wasted on destroying the hair, instead it is focusing on the root and papilla.  The papilla is what produces a root.  That is what we want to destroy.  When the hair is in the growth cycle (anagen stage), and has a brown/black bulbous root, the laser is attracted and heats up that root.  In doing so, the heat cauterizes the papilla, leaving it unable to receive nutrients from the blood stream and therefore unable to produce a new root/hair. 

Treatments should follow a fairly strict schedule.  The goal is to perform all your treatments at a time when the hair is most likely to be in the growth stage.  This will deliver the best result. Generally facial treatments are 4-6 weeks apart and body treatments are 6-10 weeks apart.