Frequently Asked Questions


Broken Capillaries Treatments

+ What should I expect with a Broken Capillaries treatment?

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What I hear repeatedly, “I love that my skin looks more evenly toned” or “Thank you, I don’t look like a drinker anymore”!

+ How long does the broken capillaries treatment take (how many treatments does it take)?

Treatments are generally 6 weeks apart.

Most people need 1 – 3 treatments for any one area.

+ What type of reaction should I expect from my broken capillaries treatment?

Usual Reaction: The area is pink/red and welted (erythema). Most treatments actually result in complete disappearance of most vessels. These vessels are usually red in colour (not purple) and tend to actually scatter rather than coagulate.

Adverse Reaction: Bruising may occur (however it would only be 3mms in size – that is the size of the hand piece being used for this treatment). Blistering is possible, yet very uncommon. Temporary pitting is possible, and again very uncommon.