We all know that 50 is the new 30! A healthy lifestyle of good food, love and exercise go a long way...but what really takes the years off is my skin care specialist!! I have been using the services at Freedom Medi Spa for the past 3 years and my skin and appearance are better for it. The Intracel Laser has reversed years off my life...that in combination with the Smooth Cool IPL (Photo Facial) to reverse brown spots, has given me a great results. I have had 2 treatments to date and look forward to one more in the fall. The results are immediate and my down time has been minimal. Cover up and the skin care products recommended allowed me to manage my look for public appearances. :)
— Linda, Toronto
When I first ventured a relationship with Freedom Medi Spa, my face skin was in desperate need of repair work. Years of sun worship in my teens and 20’s had produced many brown spots, red spider veins around my nose and deep crow lines around my eyes. I knew I had to start looking for reverse treatments and resort to sunny afternoons in the shade. I heard about Daniela through a work associate and started treatments after a consultation with her, and discussing her wide array of options. I started with Microdermabrasion treatments which started to breakdown problem blackhead areas and uneven skin tone. As my skin reacted well, I ventured in to the laser options. Through multiple treatments with both the INTRAcel laser and the IPL, problem areas are clearing up. All spider veins have been permanently removed, brown sun spots have been reduced (I did my face, arms, neck and chest) and have diminished crow lines. The investment in treatments has paid off significantly. The results are far better than I expected – I can actually go out without ANY make-up or cover-up on my face. This is something I would never have considered when I first started attending Freedom Medi Spa. The technology is little to non-invasive and my down time has been next to nothing. I would plan the IPL or Intracel for a Thursday or Friday and allow for a couple of days for the redness to dissipate…I say that, but in all honesty, I went to work the next day myself and no one noticed.
— Rosalind, Toronto
I have been a client of Freedom Medi-Spa from the beginning and with Daniela for 15 years. I trust all the services offered by the spa and in Daniela and Vanessa implicitly. That’s why I recently tried the photo facial treatment. After my first treatment, I noticed a change immediately. My skin tone is more even and radiant and my paleness gone. In the past, I would never consider going out without my foundation on, but now I have no problem skipping it. In my second treatment, my broken capillaries were targeted and I am very pleased with the results. I no longer have to wear concealer around my nose and some areas of my cheeks to hide those embarrassing looking veins. My friends and family have noticed the difference too!
I would recommend the photo facial treatment without hesitation to anyone wanting to look fresher and rejuvenated. It truly makes a difference!
— Mary, Richmond Hill
After just one IPL treatment my complexion showed a marked improvement. My uneven skin tone, broken capillaries, and open pores seemed to vanish. Overall I noticed this youthful, radiant glow. I can honestly say my skin has not looked this good in years.
— Donna, Markham
After only 3 sessions of IPL Skin Rejuvination (for Melasma), with Vanessa at Freedom Medi-Spa, the results are amazing and so promising! The procedure is easy and pain free. Based on my experience I absolutely recommend this treatment. Vanessa is friendly yet professional in her approach, which makes for a very comfortable experience at the Spa.
— Deborah, Richmond Hill
I am a new client to Freedom Medi-Spa and I am being treated by Daniela. We are trying to help improve the look of some persistent dark patches on my cheeks, upper lip and chin due to Melasma. From the moment I met Daniela I could immediately tell that she is genuine, and honest. She is extremely knowledgeable and informative and has a great way of explaining skin care procedures. Daniela truly possesses all of the qualities you want from someone who will be treating your FACE. It’s a really big deal.
We are making progress and I am confident in saying that once this series of treatments is complete, I will only use Freedom Medi-Spa for any other procedures I choose to have done in the future. There is no one else that I could trust more with my skin care needs.
Without hesitation I would recommend Freedom Medi-Spa to my friends and family.
— Lisa, Richmond Hill
Regarding my recent Photo Facial/IPL experience, so far I must say I’m very impressed, only had two treatments so far, but the difference it has made to the appearance of my skin is visibly noticeable, even to the men that I know! After reading reviews about how painful it could be, I was not surprised that under the gentle hand of Daniela, it wasn’t at all painful. I highly recommend this treatment for sun damaged skin and overall redness and capillaries. So happy to see Daniela again with the best treatments!
— Adele, Maple
I have had two IntraCEL treatments with Daniela approximately 3 months apart. I am really happy with the results. I know that the effects of IntraCEL are not fully realized until about 5 – 6 months after but I have seen a big difference in the firmness of my skin around my eyes and mouth and along my jaw line. I have also noticed diminished pore size on my nose. The treatment is slightly uncomfortable but well worth the discomfort. After the second treatment I took a day off work. This was not really necessary but it made me feel more relaxed during the treatment and the following day. Daniela has put together a great aftercare kit that includes some wonderful masks that really helped calm and heal my skin. Several friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile told me that my skin looks fresh and healthy and that I look rested. At 51 you can’t beat that! I will definitely continue doing IntraCEL treatments with Daniela as part of my anti-aging skin care regime. Her care and attention to my specific areas of concern was wonderful! I know I am in good hands.
— Victoria, Toronto
I have completely enjoyed the green peel facial experience. It is very rare to see results so quickly when you get a facial. I did the Green Peel Classic, which gave my skin an instant glow that was noticeable by many people. I also loved the fact that you receive full size products with the facial. Great benefits all around! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks to Vanessa for doing such a great and thorough job!
— Margo, Toronto
I have had Glycolic peels done many times over the last 10 years or so, at my dermatologists ofice. After trying the Green Peel Classic, I will never go back. The difference is incredible. I, as well as many others (who were present at the demo night), saw immediate results. Although I was a bit red, you could still see my skin looked so much healthier. My sun damage and pigmentation looks so much lighter and my skin looks and feels tighter! I began hearing compliments right away — even before my follow up facial (which is done 5-7 days after the peel). I have had numerous people ask me what I am doing to my skin. I am very, very pleased.
— Angela, Richmond Hill
In the late 2000s, the recession hit. I was like everyone else, looking for the best return on investment for my salon dollar, and I watched numerous salons come and go. But I did my research and found one place that I will be sticking with.

I look at the criteria that a consumer would want for this type of service:

- the newest machines
- currently trained staff
- staff who are technically on top of their games and have what I call a “salon beside manner” (what I mean by that is, my eyes are usually closed and so if staff explain what they are going to do as they go and explain products used, this shows a customer focus)
- staff who don’t continually try to sell me products
- staff who are sincere and realistic (I know I will never look 40 again and don’t tell me there are results when there are none)

I am glad to say I have founds such a spa. But the reason I will continue to go there, aside from the fact that it meets the criteria listed above, is that the staff are genuine and have a truly holistic approach to customer well-being. You need the whole body to contribute to over-all health. Thus, the mind-body connection. You can’t just do one thing- spa treatments, and hope the rest the body will take care of itself. You need to exercise, develop healthy eating habits, and pay attention to your mental health. As I take my services at this spa, not only do I learn about skin care from the staff but we also discuss the rest of the piece- good foods, good self care and good mental health.(They never tire of hearing about my grandchildren who are the best and brightest...) On leaving I often get a hug! These people really get the mind body connection-they are truly interested in seeing the WHOLE customer thrive.
— Janice, Oak Ridges
I just started using the Active Future ampules by Dr. Schrammek...I LOVE how AWAKE my skin feels. It brings my skin to life!
— Margo, Toronto
I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to microdermabrasion. I was always a bit hesitant to try it and I’m so glad that you are offreing this service, because I always feel secure under your care. I know you would never steer me wrong and seeing results just after one treatment I have total trust in you. The treatment was totally pain free. After the treatment I was worried I would look red and sore bit it was totally opposite. I looked totally normal in fact I should say I looked better than when I came in. I had a glow and my skin looked and felt so smooth. Even the night of and the day after I had no problems. I had no tingling, no burning, it felt fresh and new. I even got compliments from a few friends saying “your skin looks really good”. I am soooo excited to continue with the treatments!!! If my skin looks and feels good after one treatment I can’t wait to see what the end result will be!
— Claudia, Thornton
My skin is unbelievable!!! It is just glowing — much brighter and a little more even toned. So happy that I tried it [microdermabrasion] — it’s way better than what I’ve had done in the past. It also removed a ton of blackheads believe it or not...Thank you sooo much!
— Roz, Unionville
I did sign up for the Micro trial and I was not really sure what it was all about. I did read up about it being painless and will exfoliate the top layers of the skin. I was still not convinced this was for me as it mentions to target acne and sunspots which is not a concern for me. I showed up for my appointment and the procedure was explained in detail, then we proceeded to start the treatment. It was painless and I felt comfortable during the procedure, I did feel a little stinging after but it was not uncomfortable, I hardly noticed it.

Over the next few days I continued with my normal cleansing and moisturizer routine and my skin felt and looked fresh. A week later I attended a dinner with some old friends that I had not seen in over a year and two of them said to me “You look really good, you look nice and refreshed.” It was nice to hear those comments and it made me feel great.
— Susy, Nobleton
More than 12 years ago I had laser hair removal for my upper legs and bikini area. Today as a 51 year old woman I confidently wear a bikini, short skirt or shorts. I am proud of my body. I would not have been able to do this before receiving laser hair removal.

Daniela Hofmann uses the best laser hair removal technology in the industry. Daniela treats each of her clients with compassion and consideration.

If you are looking for permanent and safe hair removal, then I would not hesitate to contact Freedom Medi-Spa today.
— Sandy, Orangeville
I am a new client to Daniela and Freedom Medi-Spa, I was intersted in trying to erase some of the redness and pigmentation and sun damage to my face, and after just a few laser treatments with Daniela they are almost completely gone!!! She also managed to remove some spots on my face that I did not even know could be removed!!! The little bit of discomfort at first was easily managed and Daniela is always very gentle but effective. Thank you so much Daniela for making my skin less red, less blotchy and overall so much better!!! I will see you again very soon! Andrea Thornhill, ON “I began my treatment with Daniela as an electrolysis client but am now undergoing laser treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. She is extremely professional and caring and uses good judgement during her consultations and treatment. I have been very pleased with the results of my treatment and consider it a worthwhile investment.
— Deborah, Woodbridge
For years I’ve always thought about laser hair removal but was always afraid it wouldn’t work or that it would hurt. When I saw the results a friend of mine had while going to Daniela, I decided to give it a try. After that first visit, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how incredible the results were and with minimal pain. Not only did I get amazing results but Daniela is amazing at what she does and I felt comfortable with her from day one. I brag about Daniela to my friends and family and many want to go and give it a try themselves. Thanks Daniela! I wish i had met you sooner :)
— Doris, Woodbridge
My laser experience with Daniela has been absolutely exceptional. She is friendly, caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I am truly happy with my results and would recommend Daniela’s services to anyone looking for effective results.
— Debbie, Woodbridge
Daniela provides great service for laser hair removal and electrolysis. I’ve had excellent results. I love not having to shave or worry about my legs at all. I just shower, get dressed, and go. She is also great to talk to and makes the appointment time fly by. I always look forward to seeing her.
— Anita, Richmond Hill
I competed 5 treatments of laser with Daniela about 4 years ago. My area of treatment was upper leg and bikini. I am thrilled to say that to this day I have smooth hairless legs. Daniela was always professional and on the cutting edge of the business.
— Annette, Maple
I have received electrolysis treatments from Daniela for a few years now. She is very knowledgeable in her field and provides services in a warm and caring environment.
— Claudia, Woodbridge
I went to Daniela for my laser hair removal for my bikini line and underarms. Daniela is super friendly, her place is always spotlessly clean and her equipment is top notch. The best part is that the hair did not grow back! I am so happy that I got it done!!!
— Anna, Maple
I was a bit worried about trying a new place, but Daniela was so easy to work with. Her experience put me at ease and her facility and equipment are top of the line. Add reasonable rates to it and you get excellent service for great value. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniela to someone that would like to try her services. You will be pleased!!
— Tabitha, King City
I am a university student and before I started laser hair removal treatments I was very self conscious about the hair on my legs. It wasn’t dark, but there was a lot of it. Since starting treatment I haven’t had to shave once, the few hairs that do come back are lighter and finer, and most of all I feel confident wearing shorts and bathing suits. I am now happy to go to the gym or a friend’s pool and the thought of whether my legs are ‘good to go’ doesn’t even cross my mind.
— Kate, Uxbridge
Dear Daniela, Let me start by saying you are a caring, warm and sincere individual and that you really konw your stuff! I felt very at ease coming to you for laser treatments. I am also thrilled with the results of the blemishes, now completely gone, from my face and the ‘clean up’ of a few unwanted hairs. Vanessa is an amazing addition to your spa and I wish her success which is bound to happen with you as a role model. Blessings to you both!
— Josie, Woodbridge