INTRAcel - Skin Resurfacing

This treatment uses thermal Fractional RF micro-needles.  It provides fractional damage to the dermis while sparing the epidermis, the skin looks fine and the damage is contained in the dermis.  Most devices cannot deliver the amount of energy we are able to deliver, as the energy has to pass through the epidermis.  However, INTRAcel uses THERMAL needles to deliver the energy where it needs to go for optimal results.  

Most clients see a significant improvement in lines/wrinkles/scars/pock marks/stretch marks and skin tightening and lifting - with just one treatment!  However, depending on the desired result, one may require additional treatments.

Your service at Freedom will include a recommended home care kit which will nourish the skin with extra antioxidants and help decrease downtime.  It includes 9 Dermal Pure face masks (uses placental proteins derived from plants), Herbal Care Lotion (to be used as cleanser), Special Care cream, and a light daily sunscreen – Elta MD U.V. 41.  



Freedom Medi Spa and INTRAcel treatment, BEST THING EVER to have entered my life!!!

I have had three INTRAcel treatments all 6 months apart. I have acne scars on my face due to an issue I had when I was 21. Over the many years, I tried different treatments, painful treatments, that claimed would reduce the look of my scars and heal them. Unfortunately this was extremely unsuccessful and costly.

I am now 41 years old, and found the INTRACEL treatment thanks to Daniela Hofmann. After the first treatment I noticed a big difference in the scaring. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe after all these years of dealing with the scaring on my face, that I had FINALLY found a treatment that worked, a treatment that did not inject stuff into my body! And the bonus was also the reduction in lines and wrinkles. Oh and let us not forget the skin tightening! WOW! I get compliments about how youthful and fresh my face looks. Also, there is no down time/days off work after an INTRAcel treatment. A bit reddish and some swelling, but with the aftercare package, the healing is quick.
INTRACel is my new best friend!
— Carla, Toronto
We all know that 50 is the new 30! A healthy lifestyle of good food, love and exercise go a long way...but what really takes the years off is my skin care specialist!! I have been using the services at Freedom Medi Spa for the past 3 years and my skin and appearance are better for it. The Intracel has reversed years off my life...that in combination with the Smooth Cool IPL (Photo Facial) to reverse brown spots, has given me a great results. I have had 2 treatments to date and look forward to one more in the fall. The results are immediate and my down time has been minimal. Cover up and the skin care products recommended allowed me to manage my look for public appearances. :)
— Linda, Toronto
When I first ventured a relationship with Freedom Medi Spa, my face skin was in desperate need of repair work. Years of sun worship in my teens and 20’s had produced many brown spots, red spider veins around my nose and deep crow lines around my eyes. I knew I had to start looking for reverse treatments and resort to sunny afternoons in the shade. I heard about Daniela through a work associate and started treatments after a consultation with her, and discussing her wide array of options. I started with Microdermabrasion treatments which started to breakdown problem blackhead areas and uneven skin tone. As my skin reacted well, I ventured in to the laser options. Through multiple treatments with both the INTRAcel and the IPL, problem areas are clearing up. All spider veins have been permanently removed, brown sun spots have been reduced (I did my face, arms, neck and chest) and have diminished crow lines. The investment in treatments has paid off significantly. The results are far better than I expected – I can actually go out without ANY make-up or cover-up on my face. This is something I would never have considered when I first started attending Freedom Medi Spa. The technology is little to non-invasive and my down time has been next to nothing. I would plan the IPL or INTRAcel for a Thursday or Friday and allow for a couple of days for the redness to dissipate…I say that, but in all honesty, I went to work the next day myself and no one noticed.
— Rosalind, Toronto
I have had two IntraCEL treatments with Daniela approximately 3 months apart. I am really happy with the results. I know that the effects of IntraCEL are not fully realized until about 5 – 6 months after but I have seen a big difference in the firmness of my skin around my eyes and mouth and along my jaw line. I have also noticed diminished pore size on my nose. The treatment is slightly uncomfortable but well worth the discomfort. After the second treatment I took a day off work. This was not really necessary but it made me feel more relaxed during the treatment and the following day. Daniela has put together a great aftercare kit that includes some wonderful masks that really helped calm and heal my skin. Several friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile told me that my skin looks fresh and healthy and that I look rested. At 51 you can’t beat that! I will definitely continue doing IntraCEL treatments with Daniela as part of my anti-aging skin care regime. Her care and attention to my specific areas of concern was wonderful! I know I am in good hands.
— Victoria, Toronto