Frequently Asked Questions


Photo Facial Treatments

+ Who is a candidate?

Anyone with unwanted sun damage, age spots, brown flat pigment and a desire for an even skin tone.

Also those with small broken capillaries or diffused redness.

+ Is it painful?

Most say the pain level is approximately a 5-6 out of 10.  It is really dependent on how much the laser light is targeting.

+ Are there side effects?

There are possible side effects to any treatment.  More common is that the skin is quite pink and can be warm.  We will apply cold packs if necessary.  However, most clients leave and no one would be the wiser!

+ What machine do you use?

We use the Jeisys Smooth Cool IPL machine, which is a medical grade, high powered IPL for great results.

+ What is the technicians experience?

We have only extremely well trained, experienced staff work with these medical grade technologies.

+ What results can I expect with just one treatment?

Most clients do need 2-3 treatments to treat either broken capillaries or sun damage/pigment.  In the case of pigment - ideally the pigment will actually turn darker and form a slight scab.  It is best to keep the skin well hydrated and allow the scab to come off on its own.  This usually happens within 7 - 21 days. In the case of broken capillaries and diffused redness - most capillaries will disappear immediately, however, some will refill within the next couple of days and others will be gone for good.  With 2-3 treatments you will see a more permanent result.

+ Are there any pre-treatment protocols?

Yes.  Definitely you must not have a tan.  You should be your natural skin colour at the time of any IPL treatment.  Also, hold off on using any AHA, BHA, Retinol, Vit A, etc., for 3 days prior and do not continue until 3 days post (unless we recommend otherwise).

+ Do you recommend any specific after care?

Yes.  We would like our clients to use high quality skin care after a treatment like this - You should be using great skin care ALWAYS!! (sorry).  Usually we will recommend a very gentle cleanser and an extremely hydrating post intensive treatment moisturizer.  Sometimes we will also recommend a specific serum for an added punch - if your skin can handle it.

+ How soon after would I do a second treatment?

ost often we will not retreat for a minimum of 4 weeks.  The usual recommendation is 6 weeks.