Frequently Asked Questions


INTRAcel Treatments

+ Who is a candidate?

Anyone with signs of aging. Ie. Lines/wrinkles, loose skin, thinner skin, creping, etc.

Also those with scarring - acne scaring, pock marks, etc.

+ What results can I expect?

Most clients will notice a tightening effect, a thickening of the skin and a smoother appearance in as early as 4 weeks post treatment. However, that one treatment is working to stimulate collagen production for up to 6 months.

+ What is the downtime to be expected?

1-2 days post treatment is the usual. This is different depending on each person's comfort level. Most of our clients find that 1 day at home and the next into a little make-up is fine.

+ How does Intracel differ from other Radio Frequency treatments?

Comparable technologies deliver radio frequency (RF) to the epidermis (outer layer of skin), in hopes that the RF is penetrated to the dermal layer (deeper layer), where collagen production takes place. Therefore the downtime is greater (as the RF is causing surface damage) and the results are not as favourable either. With similar pricing - the Intracel is hands down the better choice.

+ How painful is it?

A numbing gel is applied prior to treatment. Most clients rate the pain as a 4 out of 10. It is quite manageable.

To maintain the collagen you have - 1-2 per year.
To consistently increase collagen - 2-4 per year.
To treat deeper lines and acne scarring - every 3 months until you reach the desired result.

+ Will I see a difference in just one treatment?

Yes. Most clients notice a difference with only one treatment. With some the difference is very obvious, and others it is more subtle. We also take before and after pictures that we will share with you.

+ What is the treatment protocol?

We book a 2.5 hour session which includes:

  • pre-treatment including before photos - 15mins
  • numbing gel - 30mins
  • treatment - approx. 45-60mins
  • post treatment (soothing mask with cold packs) – 15-30mins

We also review home care and book a follow up visit to take after photos - approx 10-12 weeks post treatment.