Frequently Asked Questions


Spider Veins / Leg Veins Treatments

+ What should I expect with a Spider Vein / Leg Vein treatment?

You'll love it! Here's why...No more bruise look alike on your leg! What we hear repeatedly, “Wow…I can’t believe those are my legs”!

+ How long does the vein treatment take (how many treatments does it take)?

  • Treatments are generally 6 weeks apart.
  • Most people need 2 – 3 treatments for any one area.

+ What type of reaction should I expect from the vein treatment?

Usual Reaction: The vein turns darker in colour (because it was coagulated). Welting appears – looking like a cat scratch – lasting up to 2 hours. Area will feel tender for up to 2 – 4 weeks post treatment. Bruising is fairly common, especially if the veins being treated are purple in colour and over 1mm in thickness. This will go away.

Adverse Reaction: Hyper-pigmentation can occur here as well, but will eventually go away. Our Smart Cool system aids in the prevention of this.

+ Is there anything I need to bring with me for the vein treatment? What about after care?

Client must bring/purchase tensor bandages or compression stockings. You should leave the centre wearing one of the two. The area must remain wrapped for 1 -2 weeks. You should avoid exercise and long walks for that time as well.

+ Can I work out after my vein treatment?

You should NOT workout for 1-2 weeks time.