This is performed 1 hair at a time with a fine wire filament (called a needle). The needle is actually the same width as the hair, allowing it to slide into the follicle along side the hair. A current is then delivered to the root area which will cauterize the contact with the papilla (which nourishes and produces the root), causing it enough damage so it can no longer produce another hair.

This is an ideal treatment for those who have blonde, grey, white or red hair that a laser cannot treat; those who have very few scattered hair; and eyebrows - which cannot be treated with laser (too close to the eye area).

A new needle and needle cap is used each time, and safely disposed of after each visit.


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I began my treatment with Daniela as an electrolysis client but am now undergoing laser treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. She is extremely professional and caring and uses good judgement during her consultations and treatment. I have been very pleased with the results of my treatment and consider it a worthwhile investment.
— Deborah, Woodbridge
Daniela provides great service for laser hair removal and electrolysis. I’ve had excellent results. I love not having to shave or worry about my legs at all. I just shower, get dressed, and go. She is also great to talk to and makes the appointment time fly by. I always look forward to seeing her.
— Anita, Richmond Hill
I have received electrolysis treatments from Daniela for a few years now. She is very knowledgeable in her field and provides services in a warm and caring environment.
— Claudia, Woodbridge