Dr. Schrammek

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A fantastic line which allows us to customize treatment for each individual.  We all have different skin concerns – we cannot all use the same products.  Schrammek is more of a prescription type of skin care line.  It encompasses acne, aging, pigmentation, rosacea, melasma and skin sensitivities.  This line will have what your skin needs. 

Our fave’s

  • The Blemish Balm - treats acne and skin impurities and works as a light foundation. 
  • Mela White Serum and Cream - work in combination to help fade pigmentation/melasma/sun damage - WITHOUT BLEACHING.
  • Herbal Care Lotion - officially, it's a toner.  However also used as make up remover.  Once you try it you will never go without again.

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I just started using the Active Future ampules by Dr. Schrammek...I LOVE how AWAKE my skin feels. It brings my skin to life!
— Margo, Toronto