The CryoProbe is a device which treats benign skin lesions including - warts, skin tags, benign moles, etc, using Nitrous Oxide cartridges.  It uses pinpoint accuracy with different applicator tips, allowing us to treat a lesion from 1mm to 15mm in size.   Only abnormal tissue will be targeted, avoiding collateral damage to surrounding tissue. 

What to expect

You will experience minimal discomfort and as a result, this will allow for a longer treatment (up to 15 seconds per freeze) and a deeper freeze for more effective results.  The unwanted tissue will slowly die off over the following 1-2 weeks.  Sometimes the tissue will turn dark after day 3-5 and slowly begin to fall off. 

Prices vary.  Please contact us to book a complimentary consultation.

Follow this link for some great before and after photos!