Whether you are prepping to go to the Oscars or just the next family gathering, here are some celebrities habits that might help.

How do those celebs' do it?  They just seem to look so darn good on that red carpet!  Well, their big secret is planning well in advance.  Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Cate Blanchett's incredible gown!  Truth be told, most celebs' faces have been prepping for months as well!  We all want to look "naturally beautiful", but most celebs do get a little help from their med spa friends.  

You're Planning Ahead

Months prior to an event they aim to have any somewhat invasive treatments ie. minor plastic surgery, series of skin tightening/resurfacing sessions, deeper peels, etc. performed.   Therefore, if you want to show cousin Magda who got the better gene pool, plan ahead.  You may choose to book a few INTRAcel (microneedling with RF) treatments approx 2-3 months apart, or have the Green Peel Classic (an intense deep herbal peel), or alternate them for even better results.   Doing a series of treatments such as these will increase collagen, plump up those lines and basically reverse the aging process.   Swelling, bruising, peeling and/or pin prick scabbing may occur, and for some it might linger - however all are easily covered by make-up.   Also, skin tightening treatments take time to show a visible result, taking 2-4 months.  If you don’t have that kind of time, these treatments may not be the best option.  

You've R.S.V.P'd and bought your dress (or Dior has shipped it to you to showcase)….

With that special event being only 3 weeks away, Botox and Fillers are a great option, shaving off 5+ years in just minutes….well sort of.  It actually takes 3-5 days for the Botox to settle into the muscle.  However you could bruise at the needle site and there is a small chance of needing a correction (in case you experience an excessive arch or not enough was used).  You'll want to allow extra time just in case.  Botox is a no brainer for most celebs wanting to minimize a few lines in the upper areas of the face.  I say no brainer because it's quick, easy (yes even for the needle squeemish), and it delivers awesome results.  Dr. Amber Bocknek is the physician on our team.  She has 17 years of experience in injectables.  Here is a link to her bio.

Filler is just that - designed to fill in any lines/wrinkles that are undesirable - INSTANTLY!  Most commonly filler is used in the nasolabial fold area (smile lines), brow furrow and for lip plumping.  Filler may cause some minor bruising, so typically a celeb would do this at least one week in advance of any red carpet event.  If doing the lips, they would likely touch them up at least 2 weeks prior as they tend to stay swollen for a longer period of time and they may bruise or just feel tender.  This is a great quick option to turn back the clock.  Take that cousin Magda!  Is she still using Nivea?  Seriously!

Last Minute Touches

So it is the week of the Academy Awards…what would be the magic treatment?  The treatment that would have people wonder - "How does she look SO good?".   Ideally they would have a Microdermabrasion treatment or a light skin peel - or even both.  A mini Microdermabrasion treatment followed by a light peel such as a Green Peel Fresh Up would produce awesome looking skin - Red carpet ready looking skin…..Magda envy looking skin!  Hee hee.

Now for the "Glow"

Lotions and potions and most definitely SERUMS are slathered on face, neck and décolleté always - but especially prior to an event.  Vitamin C and Retinol serums are still proving to be the most popular and are achieving the best results.  However, as every celeb knows the 4 pillars of skin care are a must - Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream and Moisturizer.  They do not leave home without it.  Book a free consultation with us to discuss the best skin care regimen for you.  Once you are using the right products, your skin will glow with happiness - and so will you!

There is one more product that is the Holy Grail of skin care in the 21 century….drum roll please….can you guess?....Come on, you shouldn't even have to think about it - have we taught you nothing?….Yes!  Sunscreen!  They do not leave the house/mansion/penthouse suite without it.  After all the $$$$ and the hours spent on turning back time - they do not want to ruin it all with the most aging of enemies - The Sun.  Nor should you.  Our medical brand Elta MD sunscreens are all 40+ SPF broadband (UVA & UVB), mineral based creams.  These are by far the smoothest to apply and give amazing protection without the grease.  Come in and pick up a sample - you will never use another brand again!  

Your Inner Celebrity

While you may not be a celebrity, you might still want to feel good about yourself on a daily basis and of course for any special event.  Especially when you know you will be seeing cousin Magda at the next family get together and she likes to remind you of how tired you look.  Perhaps a new skin care treatment plan is in order?  Your best bet is to come in for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss what your concerns are and how we can help.  If you are new to receiving any skin care treatments, starting with a skin care analysis and/or a facial or Microdermabrasion treatment might be best.  Please do not hesitate to speak with us.  We are here to help.  

…And maybe Magda will wonder how you've aged much more gracefully than she has.  :) 

If it sounds too good to be true…

Ever found yourself driving along and seeing a sign that reads, "Laser Hair Removal for Underarms $125 for 6 treatments" and you think  - "Perfect!  This way if it doesn't work, I will have only wasted $125."  Have you ever been tempted by this?...

Well here's what happens next….
6 treatments later, (which are usually 2-4 weeks apart - which when treating the body is unheard of with a real laser), you are told you are one of the unlucky ones who need more treatments.  You continue to throw money at the problem with very little result.  

Permanent Laser Hair Removal is performed with a Laser, however, most clinics use an IPL (intense pulsed light) machine.  Most of those IPL machines are inexpensive technologies with very low energy.  Therefore they are only able to destroy the very dark course hair at best.  Medium and light brown hair will never be picked up with this type of  machine.  Why do they use these IPL machines?  Because they are a fraction of the price of a medical grade laser, and because they already have an IPL in the clinic for a variety of other treatments.  

A high powered IPL is fantastic for Photo Facials - which is where an IPL shines.  It is great at treating sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea and diffused redness.  However, it is not the right tool for hair removal. 
This is one of the reasons we offer free consultations, with a test patch, enabling you to learn the differences and see them for yourself as well.  We use the Cynosure Apogee Elite system - which is a very high powered, medical grade Laser, requiring an experienced technician.   You will see an incredible difference - even with just one treatment!  There is a reason we chose to spend $$$$ on our equipment.  

We have recently received an increase in new clients that have been to other clinics prior, and been disappointed.  Some have shared their stories with us…

I was going to another clinic for a year and a half and did not really notice a great result. When I heard about Freedom Medi-Spa from a family friend, I decided to have a consultation to compare. The treatment plan is entirely different from what I had gotten used to. I was being seen approximately every 3 weeks. In my consultation I learned the treatments would now be 8 weeks apart - because there would not be any hair growth earlier than 6 weeks! Now I am seeing that to be true. The hair has shed and the area is clear, which has not happened in the past. The treatment is more painful, but obviously that is worth it. I was also explained that for my hair type, many other machines would not have the power to destroy them. Love the difference already! I have already started recommending Freedom to all my friends!
— Nicole, Toronto
I had a big problem with ingrown hair and went to numerous clinics prior to coming to Freedom Medi-Spa.  I was recommended to do Laser hair removal treatments and found fault with every clinic I tried.  Either the technicians did not seem to know how to work the machine properly (there was little to no result), or the attention to detail was horrible.  After searching for clinics with the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser, having treatments done at a few of them, then finally having a consultation at Freedom - realized I found my home and began my treatments immediately. My first impression was the clinic felt relaxing and clean – cleanliness was very important to me.  The results, care, attention to detail and the way I was made to feel comfortable from the first moment I walked in – all play a role in why I am still a client 4 years later.  I love this place and the staff!
— Yana, Richmond Hill
I spent roughly 3 years getting laser done in various areas, the results were sporadic and in some places I ended my treatments with more hair than I started with. I have been doing laser with Vanessa over the last year, and I could not be happier. I am finally seeing results and I don’t find myself worrying about hair removal the way I used to.
The team at Freedom has always been friendly, kind and helpful. I am so happy that I switched to Freedom for my laser hair removal. I only wish I switched earlier.
— Diana, Woodbridge
Unwanted hair has troubled me for as long as I can remember. I finally got to a point in my life where I could afford to have it removed permanently and this elated me.
In my quest to find the right service provider, I went to a reputable local clinic and asked if their hair removal system was permanent, and if the machine they used was truly a laser and not an IPL machine. I was assured of the permanence and that the machine was in fact a laser.
They advertised a so called “special” at 1/2 price for 6 treatments if purchased beforehand. I purchased the 6 treatments which took place with 5 and 6 week intervals and without instructions. Regrettably at the end of the 6 treatments, they had my money and I was left with the hair that I so very much wanted gone. I approached the owner and explained my disappointment hoping for somewhat of a compromised resolution. Alas I was told that 6 treatments were only the minimum and that I was probably one of those unfortunate people who would require 12 to 13 treatments. A consultation never took place, no test patch, no explanation as to what to expect - only an exchange of money and false assurances.
After a recommendation from a trusted friend I booked an appointment and saw Daniela at Freedom Medi-Spa. I didn’t want to drive over 2 hours for treatments – but thought I would at least consult with her to see if there really was a difference. It was at this instant that I realized how poorly I was treated and how unprofessional the previous spa was.
During my consultation with Daniela, she explained the process, discussed the frequency of treatments and the expected results. She took the time to examine my skin and do a patch test. During my first treatment, I was baffled when my treatment took 3 hours in comparison to a mere 45 minutes with the previous spa. The big differences I noticed were the equipment used – Freedom’s laser concentrates on a small area at a time targeting each hair follicle - whereas the other machine had a large wand that they moved up and down very quickly on the entire area. The other big difference lies largely on the technician, as a wise person once told me: “What good is it to have a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive it?”
Daniela also explained the importance of the intervals between treatments, what to do if you were exposed to sun, when to shave and how to prepare for these treatments. After the first treatment the results were remarkable and my confidence in permanent hair removal had been restored.
The team at Freedom exude professionalism, knowledge and courteousness and I feel tremendously fortunate to have been referred here. I have recommended their services to my friends and will continue to do so as I know this is the one and only place to come for permanent hair removal or any of the other services that they offer. I trust them and that makes the 2 hour drive worth it!
— Tina, Cambridge


With holiday parties popping up, you don't want to risk any downtime, but want to look FAB - ASAP!  What to do?

Here is a quick checklist of fast pick me ups that will have you looking rejuvenated and simply fantastic - without anyone being able to quite put their finger on why.
Tip 1 - Book an appointment for a Green Peel Fresh Up Facial or a Microdermabrasion treatment (1 - 4 days prior to any party/event).
Why?  Because you will get rid of that top layer of dead skin, your skin care products will absorb and work much better, and you will have a fantastic glow! 
Tip 2 - Start using a serum
We recommend either the PCA Retinol Intensive Age Refining Treatment or the ever loved C-Quench Vitamin-C serum.  These are two big time fan faves!   
Consult with us to help you choose what is best for you.

Tip 3 - Book an Eye-Ron (Iron) Treatment
Tighten up that area that seems to be loosening up way too quickly, around the eyes.  Book it 1 day prior to needing those dancing shoes.  Check out our video of the treatment below. 

Tip 4 - Sneak in a little Botox treatment.
I know some of you are anti-Botox and others say "bring it on"!  I will say, it easily sheds the years - practically instantly!  It takes 3-5 days to relax the muscles, so aim to treat them 5 (or more) days prior to any function.  *Dr. Bocknek will be in on Tuesday Dec 15th.  

Before and After Botox treatment.

Before and After Botox treatment.

Tip #5 Dermal Pure Masks
These masks are loaded with anti-oxidants that are broken down into nano-particles which make them super easy to absorb into the skin.  They also use plant placenta protein which has shown to increase skin oxygenation by 70% and help with cell repair,  leaving an awesome radiant glow.  Over prolonged use, you will notice improvements in collagen and skin elasticity.   Which is all blah, blah, blah for they are AWESOME and you need to try them!  Perfect to use prior to any party.  

Bonus Tips - You Know These….
Be really well rested.  Get to bed early and get that 8 hours in - it will make a difference!  
Drink water - LOTS!  1 litre/day minimum.  
Exercise - go for a quick 15-20 minute jog or power walk the day of any event.  It will give you a glow and your endorphins will give you a confidence booster too!  

The best tip - SMILE!  That is the #1 Beauty Quick Fix.  Now go enjoy the holidays!

Intracel vs Thermage

The most popular skin tightening procedures use radio frequency(RF) to stimulate an increase in the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.  We believe INTRAcel technology provides the best results.   You may have heard of Thermage for tightening as well.  These are the two most popular non-invasive skin tightening treatments on the market today.  So what are the differences?  

Intracel vs Thermage

When people think of needles they generally cringe - let alone 49 of them penetrating the skin at the same time!   
Yet the most common response, immediately following a treatment is - "Wow, that wasn't so bad."  Most clients are back to their regular schedule the next day, although I always advise to allow a day - as a precaution.  

INTRAcel uses thermal micro-needles, coupled with RF which promotes the type of positive results we've seen.  By by-passing the epidermis and releasing RF only in the Dermal layer, the treatment decreases downtime and increases results.  
Thermage also uses (RF) to target the dermis and stimulate collagen production - however, the RF must penetrate the epidermis first as it does not use micro-needles.  Thereby the epidermis receives the greatest amount of RF (which may cause a burn), and the dermis receives a minimal amount of RF (which equals unimpressive results).  

Is INTRAcel the right treatment for you?  If you are concerned with lines/wrinkles, laxity in the skin/jowls or pock marks/scars, etc. - then yes, this is by far the best treatment available to you.  Even with only one treatment, you will notice an improvement in the elasticity and a decrease in the appearance of lines/wrinkles.  

Remember if you wait too long, you may not be a great candidate for INTRAcel or any skin tightening solution.  INTRAcel is the best way to avoid going under the knife, or needing a more invasive alternative.  

If you are interested, we have an information package available.  Contact us if you wish to receive one or would like a complimentary consultation. 


NEW! Eye-ron Treatment Video

The SRR (Superficial Radio Frequency Rejuvenation) treatment is the 3rd step in the INTRAcel reversal and prevention treatment plan.  The first two steps are completed in the first visit - Micro-needling with Radio Frequency (RF) - targeting the mid to deep dermal layers.    The 3rd step - the SRR (no-needle) - is generally performed 3-4 weeks post INTRAcel.  However, the SRR is also a fantastic treatment on its own, for someone who is simply working on prevention and is generally in the 25 - 35 age category (depending on condition of the skin).  

The SRR however, has become better known for our signature Eye-ron (iron) treatment.  This is an affordable treatment that targets the delicate skin around the eye area.  As you can see in the slide shown in the video - the SRR tip targets the epidermis and the superficial dermis, stimulating collagen production.  Why would you want to do this?  If you find you are starting to see your age in the eye area, ie. wrinkles, creping, fine lines, loose skin, etc., then this would be a fantastic non-invasive treatment for you.  

The Eye-ron treatment is a great lunchtime procedure - only 15-20mins and appropriate make up may be applied immediately afterwards.  A package of 6 is recommended and treatments should be performed at 7-10 day intervals for the first package.  Afterwards, a second package may be purchased for maintenance and those treatments are generally performed at 2 - 3 week intervals.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more! 


Ready For A New Fall Wardrobe? Your Skin is!

I am a preacher of religiously maintaining a proper skin care routine, and it's been difficult for even me this Summer!  Between having the kids around, cottage time and way too many late nights - I have sinned!  Therefore, I am looking forward to getting my face back into shape!  

When Fall hits, my skin care routine changes along with my wardrobe.  I reintroduce my beloved PCA Retinol serum to my evening regimen, I use a little more moisturizer and I am extremely diligent in my am and pm routine - NO SLACKING! 

However, the first step that I am sooooooooooo looking forward to is having a Microdermabrasion treatment.  This is a great first step toward getting ready for fall -for basically all skin types (especially if you haven't had a treatment all Summer).  Microdermabrasion is like wiping the slate clean.  Clear away all the dirt, debris and nasty dead skin, and VOILA you have a beautifully clean canvas.  

The next step is to use awesome skin care products that will do what your skin needs them to do.  This is a very customized step, so you may want to come and see us for some help in choosing what to use.  We love product talk!  Great products really do make a difference.  

Let us help you get your skin's fall wardrobe ready!  

Buyer Beware! Don't Fall For These Skin Care Scams

While researching for this month's newsletter topic, I couldn't help but become more and more disturbed by the amount of sneaky advertising I came across.  In reading about skin tightening, cellulite treatments and acne causes, I began to notice many (some even quite reputable) sites that had misinformed clients or used before and after pics that were misleading.  As I dove deeper into my research, I began to uncover a much bigger, crazier scam.  This will be an important read for you - especially if you like to try the "latest & greatest" skin care products that "all the celebs" are using.  

Let's start with the Before and After Scams I found, and how to spot them yourself. 

1.  Client positioning

Sometimes the client or their clothing is positioned a certain way.  For example, in a recent Women's Health Beauty Editor article (which I love to read), "How to Stop your Neck from looking Saggy", the before and after that was used was ridiculous!  The woman in the before pic has her head pulled back in order to crease her neck and in the after pic she extends it to smooth out the lines.  It was likely the doc being interviewed who supplied the B & A or it could be from the manufacturer. 

2.  Lighting & Make Up

Many before pics are done in regular lighting while the after pics are taken with a brighter light, which will reduce or even remove lines and wrinkles completely.  It is also common to blur the after pic, which you will see as you scroll down to the first photo in this link - it uses different lighting and is also a little blurry.  The second photo is an example of an after with more intense lighting.   Here is another example.
Then, my favourite - just slap a ton of make up on them - check out this link.   

3.  Photo Shopped Pics

Here you should look for a before and after pic that is EXACTLY the same.  The pose is perfectly the same in the after.  Check out these examples.  Scroll down to see half the face with wrinkles and the other half 10 years younger (with essential oils)!  

Look at this incredible photo shopped pic (notice every little hair in exactly the same places?) - .   Who wouldn't purchase a package of treatments that could do that?  

4.  Taking an After Pic Before the Before pic

Sound confusing?  Check out this video that explains it best -  

 Crazy, isn't it?


And now the piece de resistance - the BIG BIG scam that YOU may fall for if you aren't "in the know"…

Look out for skin care products online that sound too good to be true - BECAUSE THEY ARE!  Clients, friends and even family members have sent me numerous links to "miracle skin care" products that I "need" to check out.  Please be careful - DO NOT FALL FOR THE FREE TRIAL SCAM.  These ads include stars - usually Dr. Oz and other celebrities and they offer a free trial.  However, in the teeny, tiny print it usually says you have 12 days to sample it and then your credit card will be charged the full amount - which usually runs approx $90 per product.  The best part is that the product will continue to automatically be shipped to you on a monthly basis - charging your credit card each time of course.  The topper is that it is extremely difficult to cancel the order and out of frustration you finally have to replace your credit card in order to stop the charges.

Most of these companies are based in countries without an extradition policy - so they are able to run these scams without recourse.  If they receive enough bad publicity, they simply rename their product and slap a new label on it and they are off and running again.  

This is an awesome scam - they really do a great job.  The page is usually set up like a news feed or a magazine page.  It looks quite believable until you try to click on the links.  Check this one out - link.    Notice the reviews listed at the very bottom.  You will see those same fake comments on multiple sites.  

The list of bogus sites and products is ENDLESS!  I searched "wrinkle creams" and the Consumer Wrinkle Reviews site popped up at the top of the list - and yes - it too is BOGUS!  It shows the Top 9 Wrinkle Creams for 2015 - which are all products that are a part of this awesome scam.  If you click on the "reviews" tab at the top of the page, it will list hundreds of creams.  Any cream or brand that you click on has a brief description, followed by why they do not recommend it.  They are positioning themselves as a well-respected company that reviews products, but they only seem to favour the Top 9.  BRILLIANT! 

To take this a step further -  I also found Rachel Vrabel of Women's Blog Talk, who exposes these scams in this article .  Rachel provides a great explanation of the scam - however, she is selling LifeCell on her site!  She answers a slew of questions to eager buyers (which seem fake to me), and the product is far from wonderful - read these reviews on Amazon  and here it's on the Complaints Board website touted as a scam.

In a nutshell,
- do not fall for the free trial
- research customer reviews on reputable sites - such as Amazon
- research any company you plan to give your credit card number to
- remember NO skin care product is legally allowed to promise changes in the deeper tissue layers - only surface.  Anything that promotes a        deeper more permanent result is considered a drug and must meet the requirements of one.  

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin

Whether it's on the face or on the body, loose skin is likely unwanted.  So, what are we to do about it?  When we talk about mass amounts - your best bet is usually surgery.  However, on a smaller scale, Radio Frequency (RF) treatments may be your answer.

  See HuffPost article.

There are many RF treatments available.  We use the INTRAcel machine which couples Micro-needling with RF.  The benefit with using the micro needles is that the RF is delivered exactly where we want it - the dermal layer of the skin.  This is where we rebuild collagen.  Most other technologies deliver the RF directly to the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), in hopes that enough will penetrate to the dermis.  

Once the RF is delivered to the dermal layer, the body goes into repair mode.  This is how collagen is rebuilt in the area.  You will begin to notice differences at the 4 week mark and continue to notice changes (ie. Lifting/tightening/decrease in lines, increase in tone,  plumping of the skin, etc.) for up to 6 months.  The results are yours to keep.  The new collagen doesn't disappear - it simply begins to age and decrease as it naturally does.

Generally body treatments are recommended at 3-4 month intervals until you achieve the desired look.  Face treatments are generally recommended at 6 month intervals if you are looking for age reversal and once a year for maintaining your look.  

For any questions, do not hesitate to book a consultation or call/email us.  

For more info check out our Intracel page.

Daniela's Day At The Med Spa

We need to look good too!  

On April 20th, Vanessa and I treated each other to a few of our fave med spa services.   When I say "fave", I do not necessarily mean "enjoyable"!  I chose to have my annual Intracel treatment.  Intracel increases mass collagen naturally in the dermal layers of the skin.  It uses thermal microneedling combined with radiofrequency in order to stimulate the increase in collagen and elastin.  It's a great way to turn back the clock and prevent the deterioration of collagen.   Personally I think Vanessa enjoyed doing this to me, a little too much!  She seemed to be laughing and smiling a lot!  I was impressed with the immediate result - thanks to applying a cold Dermal Pure Soothing mask and cooling the skin with cold packs - I looked completely fine!  No one would know I had just had 98,000 needles in my face!  (Doesn't that sound like the ultimate spa treatment)?  So over the next 2-4 months you should see me literally turning back time!

Apparently that wasn't enough.  I wanted more!  So I also had Vanessa treat an annoying mole on my face.  I have been wanting to treat it for a long time!  She used the Cryo-Probe.  It works so quickly and with very little discomfort - basically liquid nitrogen in a pen form.  It will likely need 2-3 treatments.  A dermatologist was going to remove it - surgically, but I would be left with a scar.  I look forward to getting rid of it - without a large surgery scar!  

Vanessa's Day At The Med Spa

Clients often ask me, "do you and Daniela do treatments on each other"? The answer is yes!  We know how important it is to take care of our skin and bodies and to keep ourselves looking and feeling youthful, refreshed and beautiful - the recipe for CONFIDENCE!
I choose to have an IPL Photo Facial. I had some hyperpigmentation spots (sun damage) under my eyes/upper cheek area.  Did you know sun damage doesn't appear on the surface of the skin until five or more years after the dermal layer of the skin has been damaged by UV rays?  My pigment spots are likely there from my teenage years - when I didn't understand the importance of wearing SPF - EVERYDAY.  After the Photo Facial the pigment spots became darker right away (which is what we want to see happen). Over the course of a week the dark spots shed leaving the area much lighter - yay!   

Also a glutton for beauty and pain - I had my laser hair removal touch ups done to get Summer ready!  Although it is so great to not have to worry about the bikini line and underarms - I must say, the legs are the most satisfying area to have treated!  Smooth legs without black dots or stubble - there are no words.  

New! SRR Intracel treatment - No-Needle Intracel

Doesn't that sound like the best thing EVER?!  Well, don't get too excited.  Depending on your desired results, the Intracel treatment may still be your best bet.  Ideally the two treatments work hand in hand.  Intracel works to increase mass collagen production in the dermal layers - where the deeper lines/wrinkles, acne scars, and tightening really occurs. 

The SRR (Superficial Radio Frequency Rejuvenation - say that 10 times fast), targets the epidermis increasing collagen production in the upper skin layers to promote a smooth, even texture and a healthy glow.   We recommend combining the two treatments.  First the Intracel treatment, followed by the SRR treatment 2 weeks later.   The SRR alone is also ideal for those in their late 20's, early 30's to work on prevention. 

Remember, all of our consultations are complimentary.  Feel free to meet with us and discuss the best treatment plan for you.

SRR reg pricing Full Face & Neck  $450        INTRO PRICE   $325

*Purchase an Intracel treatment and add the SRR for only $199

**Purchase an Intracel pkg of 3 - and receive 1 SRR for FREE!

Contact us to book a complimentary consultation. Must be purchased by March 31, 2015.May not be combined with any other offers.

Sun spots? Sun damage? Age spots? Broken capillaries? Spider veins?...

Have you been pretending not to notice some sun damage, or putting off doing anything about that spotty chest area, or layering cover up on a brown patch - just stop!  It's time you learn more about IPL/Photo Facials (also used on body areas for pigmentation and sun/age spots) and what your options are.   If you still aren't sure - remember all of our consultations are FREE.  Come and see us and meet our babies (our different technologies - that we love).  Generally sun damage and pigmentation are relatively easy to treat.  Even with only one treatment….you will see a notable difference in the evenness of your skin tone.  Many clients have told us they no longer need to wear foundation.   Let's walk you through a treatment….  After cleansing the skin well (or arriving with a freshly cleansed face), ultrasound clear gel is applied to the skin, we do a quick test patch to ensure a desired skin reaction, then after waiting a few minutes we begin treatment.  The treatment is fairly comfortable - it is more painful when we are treating a more prominent dark spot.  The tip provides chilling for comfort and reduced skin reaction.  The goal is to cause the pigment to darken. In doing so, we are lifting that unwanted tissue (hopefully entirely - most often up to 95% of it), causing it to scab (it feels like a rough patch - it is not one big scab….in other words - it is not obvious), and will slough off within 2-3 weeks.  

Some pre and post instructions to note:

Pre Care

  • You CAN NOT have a tan.  You must be your natural skin colour.
  • Do not use anything aggressive ie Retinol or AHA creams 1-2 days prior to treatment. (We do not want the skin to be irritated)
  • Must be at least 1 week since having a regular peel treatment - 2 weeks from a deeper peel.

Post Care

  • We recommend a post care kit to use for the next 5 - 14 days post treatment (this is optional but available at 25% off as we really encourage it).
  • No exfoliating until after any darker areas have sloughed off and the skin has returned to its normal colour.
  • Pat dry and treat with care.  Any scabbing should remain as long as possible so the skin beneath is completely ready to face the world! ;)
  • No aggressive treatments for 3 weeks post treatment.

Check out our Before & After pics here.  These are ALL our own clients and the pics are untouched….and we have more, but are way behind on posting them. :( ….it's on my list.

NEW! It's FINALLY here - The CryoProbe!

We are now able to treat skin tags, warts, sebaceous hyperplasia, benign moles, and many other funky skin growths that we would rather live without.  So bring us your strange unwelcome thing-a-ma-jiggies, and we will zap them away!  How it works….The CryoProbe's micro-jet (doesn't that sound awesome?), allows the application to be accurate to the millimeter and by using Nitrous Oxide treats only abnormal tissue avoiding permanent damage to the adjacent healthy tissue.  There is very little "pain", and only slight discomfort which allows for longer treatment and a deeper freeze for more effective results.  There is no anesthesia, and very little to no, pre and post treatment care needed.

A Great Evening With a Great Group!

On Nov 12th we hosted a "Munch & Learn", where we performed an INTRAcel Skin Tightening demo and an IPL Photo Facial treatment.  Vanessa and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with our awesome guests. I think everyone learned a lot and had their questions answered - while sharing more than a few laughs! 

Thank you to Frank Gianforcaro, our awesome photographer for the pictures and putting together this awesome video.

Hope to see you at the next one!


Intracel FAQ's

1.  Who is a candidate?

Anyone with signs of aging. Ie. Lines/wrinkles, loose skin, thinner skin, creping, etc.

Also those with scarring - acne scaring, pock marks, etc.


2.  What results can I expect?

Most clients will notice a tightening effect, a thickening of the skin and a smoother appearance in as   early as 4 weeks post treatment.  However, that one treatment is working to stimulate collagen   production for up to 6 months.


3.  What is the downtime to be expected?

1-2 days post treatment is the usual.  This is different depending on each person's comfort level.  Most   of our clients find that 1 day at home and the next into a little make-up is fine. 


4.  How does Intracel differ from other Radio Frequency treatments?

Comparable technologies deliver radio frequency (RF) to the epidermis (outer layer of skin), in hopes   that the RF is penetrated to the dermal layer (deeper layer), where collagen production takes place.   Therefore the downtime is greater (as the RF is causing surface damage) and the results are not as   favourable either.  With similar pricing - the Intracel is hands down the better choice.


5.  How painful is it?

A numbing gel is applied prior to treatment.  Most clients rate the pain as a 4 out of 10.  It is quite   manageable. 


6.  How much does it cost?

$1200/Full Face & Neck.  Starting at $950 for body treatments (depending on size of area).  We also recommend a post care kit to help with proper after care (this is optional). 

Body treatments are available - a consultation is necessary, pricing will be quoted at that time.


7.  How frequently it this recommended?

To  maintain the collagen you have - 1-2 per year.

To consistently increase collagen - 2-4 per year.

To treat deeper lines and acne scarring - every 3 months until you reach the desired result.


8.  Will I see a difference in just one treatment?

Yes.   Most clients notice a difference with only one treatment.  With some the difference is very   obvious, and others it is more subtle.  We also take before and after pictures that we will share with   you.


9.  What is the treatment protocol? 

We book a 2 hour session which includes:

  • pre-treatment including before photos - 15mins
  • numbing gel - 30mins
  • treatment - approx. 45mins
  • post treatment (soothing mask with cold packs) - 15mins 
  • We also review home care and book a follow up visit to take after pics and review      changes - approx 6-8 weeks post treatment.


Check out Found Beautiful's beauty editor's Intracel experience...



So?  Are you ready to shed a few years?  Call or email us today!


Indulge Your Senses Event @ The Club at Bond Head for DeafBlind Ontario

Last week we helped out with an event with DeafBlind Ontario, at The Club at Bond Lake - "Indulge Your Senses".  What a fantastic event it was - and an even better cause.  I don't have a pic of it, but guests experienced Desert in the Dark! Guests were blindfolded and forced to use the 4 other senses to help eat 3 different deserts - which were all on the same plate.  It was not easy!  What a crazy experience!  There are pics on DeafBlind Ontario's facebook page - see link below.

The work they do at DeafBlind Ontario is amazing!  These unfortunate people can now live a fuller more independant life - thanks to them.  

Visit www.deafblindontario.com to learn more, and for more pics of the event, visit their facebook page.

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