I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar

Would you say you are a confident person?  Do you generally feel good about yourself?  Does your "inside" you, match your "outside" you?  How do you change that?

Confidence is a work in progress.  For some it comes a little more naturally and for others it takes some sweat.  We know that being confident is an amazing quality - but why is it so hard for some of us?

I recently read an article by Jamie McKillop of "Well & Good NYC", based on activist, author, and girl-power guru, Alexis Jones - (author of "I am That Girl").  I was instantly attracted to her writing and her thoughts on this topic.  First off, she wants us to know that we are "all beautiful bad-asses!" (Could be the sentence that made her my new bestie).

As we all know - it is not easy to embrace our inner bad-ass.  I thought I would share my fave tip from her list of 8 - but I couldn't do it - they are all great tips!   Check out her 8 Tips and remember YOU ARE AWESOME!

Check it out!

And let us know what you think by commenting below.



A Glimpse at a GREAT Day...

A BIG thank you to all of you who came out to help us celebrate Freedom's Anniversary.  We had a great time and hope you did as well.  This past year has been awesome and this next year is going to be FANTASTIC!  Stay tuned this fall for some exciting new services.

Thank you to Elizabeth Zelko of Plan Ahead Events who helped the event run smoothly.  Also Paul Spatafora of Capture it! Photography for doing a great job of capturing the event behind the lens.  It was a great day!





March 21st

Last evening,  I had the "pleasure" of having my first Botox Treatment.  I can add this to the list of "Fun Things to Do When You Turn 40".  An anti-aging bucket list if you will that seems to be growing.  I must say, I was much more worried about the pain than anything else.  A big thank you to Dr. Amber Bocknek, as she is quite the pro and thanks to her technique, I really didn't feel much at all.  Keep in mind - I am a BIG suck.  Therefore, if I can do it - anyone can!  

She was wonderful at answering all of my questions and put me at ease immediately.  It was easy to trust her, you could tell this was second nature to her.  She also knows how to correct uneven brows by tweaking the amounts/placement injected.  I just wanted the "Intro to Botox" - nothing fancy, nothing obvious.  I wouldn't want anyone to know I have Botox. ;)

I had brought my friend - the squeeze ball - and boy was it squeezed!  I was squeezing it with anticipation of pain - but honestly speaking - it really never came.  I had it done in her home and her dog Chloe kept trying to grab my squeeze ball.  So cute - but not a chance Chloe!  

Now, I wait.  Apparently it will take 3-5 days to "take".  As of now I can still smile my heart out and my beautiful - as I like to call them - accordian of lines beside my eyes are still in tacked.  I look forward to that relaxing a bit - ok, a lot!  My children will be happy when I can no longer scowl so deeply as well!

March 23 - 3 days post treatment

LOVING IT!  My furrow doesn't furrow as much and my crows feet are not wrinkling up at all on my left side and my right side is MUCH better.   I think I look 5 years younger already. Even my husband commented on how great my skin looks.  It is smooth in the areas that were creasing up so badly.

March 25 - 5 days post treatment

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  This turning back the clock thing is pretty cool!  Now my really bad, creasy right eye looks great too!  It still looks natural though - no one would be able to tell.  I feel great!  It is a real confidence booster.  I thought my skin looked pretty good - but when I would smile, my eye area really made me look older than I am.  Now I feel great and am not self-conscious about it.  

Looking forward to seeing what you think the next time you are in!  



Laser Hair Removal...You Get What You Pay For

Laser Hair Removal has somehow turned into something that every esthetician on every corner offers - at a VERY minimal cost.  How is that possible?  This question is posed quite often.  I would like to disspell the myths of Lasers and educate you on why a spade is not always a spade.  Most estheticians, spas and yes - shockingly even medical clinics, use a low powered IPL machine which will NEVER produce the same result as a medical grade laser.  Why?  Because good quality technologies cost a lot of money.  

Lasers are each made to target specific skin types.  If the incorrect laser is used for your skin/hair type, the result may be poor, or worse - you may burn.  At times, if not enough energy is used, it may de-pigment the hair - leaving it white and untreatable for any machine (other than electrolysis).  

Why not purchase one of those dirt cheap online "deals" for unlimited laser hair removal?  Most times these deals come with your very own fresh out of school - or better yet, still in school, technician.  Some are working to accumulate hours and are not paid.  Also, they usually have you coming in more often (4 week intervals or less).  In the end, you have paid almost the same amount and have at least 50-70% of the hair remaining.  

What to look for when shopping around for Laser Hair Removal…

I have listed these in order of importance.
    • STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGIES - Must be the best laser for your skin/hair type
    • HIGH POWERED TECHNOLOGIES WHICH PRODUCE EXCELLENT RESULTS IN FEWER TREATMENTS - for most areas you should be treated in 6-8 week intervals (with little growth in between treatments), for approximately 5-7 treatments.  (After which you should only require 1-3 touch ups) (These are averages - we do have clients who need more and others who need less).
    • DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR DIFFERENT SERVICES (Not 1 machine for every service) - we use the Alexandrite laser for hair removal in lighter skin/hair types, the ND:YAG for darker skin/hair types, the IPL for Photo Facials (inc. broken capillaries, Rosacea, sun damage, age spots, etc.), the INTRAcel for Skin Tightening, Skin Resurfacing, Scars, Deep/Fine Lines/Wrinkles, the DermaPod for Microdermabrasion and our Silhouet Tone Electrolysis machine with disposable needles and caps for Electrolysis.
    • EXPERTISE - The Clinic Director MUST have a Minimum of 10 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY
    • EXTREMELY HYGENIC AND SAFE - Follow all recommendations from Health Canada - using only high quality sterilization techniques and use of disposable items where possible
    • CLIENTS ARE AT EASE QUICKLY (all treatments are personal and each client should be made to feel comfortable)
    • WARM FRIENDLY STAFF AND ATMOSPHERE - a place where you know the team actually cares about your results and wellbeing.

So, when shopping for Laser Hair Removal or any Medical Spa treatments, remember, more important than cost - is VALUE.  What are you actually paying for?  As with most things in life...you get what you pay for.


Intensive Age Refining Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night

So thinking I have tried it all, I decided to try this product out.  I was a little reluctant, as I did use Retinol back in the acne days and remember the dry, red, flaky looking skin.  I have been reading up on the changes in Retinol (Vitamin A), and have known for a long time it is one of the best anti-aging ingredients to seek out in a product, so I decided to come full circle and start using it again.  In all honesty, even after just one application, I noticed a difference in my skin.  The next morning, after washing my face, I could not believe the feeling of my skin.  It just felt smoother and softer - and that was with nothing on it!  Most creams feel great when they are applied to the skin, but after they are washed away, the skin usually feels pretty similar to dry skin without cream.  This really impressed me, and I have continued to use it, and am really pleased with the long term results as well.  I have noticed my blemishes/breakouts are more infrequent and controlled, the texture of my skin is so smooth, as for the lines, it is both too soon and difficult to tell.  I will be sure to keep you posted.  However, my lines are also improving from my INTRAcel treatment as well.  I will continue to age gracefully - but not without a fight to look great and feel great!  Who's with me?


Intensive Clarity Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night

Perfect skin is what we all strive for. A clear and even complexion with a healthy glow. Along with ensuring the skin ages gracefully - unfortunately aging is inevitable. BUT! We can slow down this process with the things we can control in our life; such as healthy food choices, a good skin care routine, anti-aging treatments and overall a healthy life style. Remember your age is only a number.

I’m sure you already know Daniela and I take great pride in testing all products, treatments and machines before we bring them into Freedom. We recently added the PCA Peel to our services. Clients have really enjoyed this treatment and have had great results. I of course had the PCA Peel performed on myself first and it was great! PCA is a very well know line in the Aesthetic world.  Along with their professional treatments and peels, they also have some very effective serums.  Since I really enjoyed the PCA Peel I wanted to try one of their at home treatment products to enhance and maintain the benefits of the Peel. I decided on the Intensive Clarity Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night.  This product claims to repair hyperpigmentation and acne. It also helps increase exfoliation, increases collagen production and has powerful anti-oxidant protection.

I noticed a difference in my skin only after using this product for a couple days. I noticed my skin tone looked much more even, and my skin felt very smooth. My post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pigment from acne) seemed to have noticeably faded. I had a couple little acne friends (Bob, Joe and Martha) pop up the day before I started using this product. My unwelcome friends healed and completely vanished after two days of using it.  I’m very pleased with the results from this treatment so far, and I imagine the results and benefits will only continue to get better.
A good home skin care routine is so important.  Using products that are suited to your skin type and conditions will keep your skin at optimal health. If you are having treatments done for your skin, home care will only improve, enhance and maintain the results of the treatments.  Proper home care is a worthwhile investment.


Super Hero Fights Evil Sugar Molecules

So here's a fun fact you likely did not know -

Sugar Causes Wrinkles!

COME ON!  Can't a girl get a break here?!  Let me get this straight - God gives us a "cycle" which causes crazy cravings only to find out it is bad for our health (which we have known for a long time), bad for our teeth, and NOW bad for our skin!  Cruel!  
Apparently sugar attaches to proteins in our bodies which form harmful new molecules - AGE'S (advanced glycation end products), they then damage our collagen and elastin. What are we to do?  Well, there is the obvious - we stop eating sugar.  However, that is not at all as easy as it sounds.  Even sugar in fruit, grains and vegetables count - making avoiding sugar extremely difficult. However, added sugars and foods containing high sugar content (especially sodas and fruit juices) are the worst enemies.

Another solution (which I believe goes hand in hand with the first), is to increase our anti-oxidant intake as well as use skin care products which help to combat these AGE's.  Make sure you are getting your B1 and B6 daily requirements , Vitamin C and as well as green tea.  As for skin care, products containing Retinol, Vitamin C and E and other combative ingredients will help.  Our very own Dr. Schrammek Time Control line has Carnosine - a peptide which encapsulates the sugar molecules deeming them harmless to our collagen/elastin fibres.  Yay!  Like a super hero to the rescue!  This new line also has Matrixyl 3000, which repairs damage and Milk Thistle which is a powerful anti-oxidant.

For more tips on how to Fight those evil sugar molecules follow this link.



Kiss Me Mascara and Blinc Liquid Eyeliner

Oh My!  Thank Goodness I found out about these products!  For some strange reason I have developed a weird "eye thing".  I had to stop wearing my beloved mascara - yes I had to take DRASTIC measures.  And I am one of those people with light and tiny eyelashes - it was a devastating blow!  My eyes would sting and burn and itch when wearing it.  If I dared to wear it in a moment of backlash (pardon the pun), it always won, making me regret my decision.  It was actually a good friend of mine who introduced me to Kiss Me.  (We have become best friends since).  It is the only mascara I can wear.  It doesn't seep into my eyeballs midday, it doesn't decide to move south to the crease under my eye, it doesn't even run when I am out in the rain or should I have teary eyes!  LOVE IT!  Now my sensitive, light coloured lashes have nothing to complain about.

So…I decided to put both the mascara and eyeliner to the test.  I took pics of my make up at the end of the night (after a full day of wearing it), then I slept with it on (I know - immoral!).  I then took pics in the am.  Take a look - NO BLACK SMUDGES ON MY PILLOW - and my eye makeup still looks pretty good. That would have been good to have back in the day (coming home in the wee hours)!




NEW Cell Regeneration Facials

Ok - Who is done with the midnight darkness at 6:00pm, scraping frost off the windshield in the morning and just this cold crummy weather in general? I know it’s not just me. And it’s not even winter yet.  We all get the winter blues – it’s natural.  That’s why it’s important to find ways to keep our spirits up to make these cool months pass quickly.  Some take the “if you can’t beat it, join it” route and take up skiing, snowboarding or something involving the snow and cold. Another more relaxing and warm option is coming in for facial treatments. Doesn’t that sound better?  It is also beneficial to have a great skin care routine to keep your skin healthy throughout all the seasonal changes. The coldness of winter brings a natural rosy glow to the cheeks – but unfortunately it also brings extremely dry skin.

Daniela and I went to a workshop held by Jasmine, the Dr. Schrammek educator from Germany, for a new product launch - very exciting! Dr. Schrammek recently came out with TIME CONTROL, an anti-aging skin care line for mature skins. TIME CONTROL consists of a Day, Night and Eye Cream, Mask and an awesome Serum. These products will help reverse (diminish) any signs of aging, and also provide the skin with antioxidants to ensure healthy cells, so the skin looks and feels younger longer. Three TIME CONTROL facials have also been designed around these products.

Daniela was the unwilling participant for the facial demo. Not because she didn’t want a facial. You know how it is – places to go, people to see. She cleared her morning and she was happy she did. The TIME CONTROL Lift Treatment was the facial Jasmine choose for her. This new facial uses the exclusive ingredients contained in TIME CONTROL in conjunction with a dry massage that provides stimulation to the connective tissue. Products we know and love were also used in this facial such as Super Enzyme Peeling, Algo Vital-Mask, and the Blemish Balm. After the facial Daniela's skin looked great. We went over the other two TIME CONTROL facials - the Balance Treatment and the Quick Lift Treatment and we loved them as well. We have decided to bring in all three new facials to FMS!!

All three of these NEW facials are on PROMO this month!! Now is the perfect time to try them out. You can read about these facials in a little more detail under November PROMOs.

Please feel free to call, email or even come on by if you have any questions. We can help choose a facial program that is best suited to you!

Vanessa :)

Mo-vember Mo-stache Contest!

Get your game on boys!  You don't need to be a jock, an athlete, or even in great shape for that matter!  You can all participate in this one!  

Anyone who sends in a pic of their crazy stache will win a random draw prize.

Email us at info@freedommedispa.com.

You can come in and pick from the prize jar yourself OR we can randomly do it for you!  So come one stache or come all!  You all win something!

The BEST Mo-stache will win a $100 Gift Certificate to spend on ANY service!

The grand prize is not applicable for Whole Body Cryotherapy. The winner will win from a vote by the entire team at Freedom. Entries must be submitted by November 25th.


INTRAcel in action at Freedom

We are seeing GREAT results with our INTRAcel treatments!  I recently had a client come in for her 2nd INTRAcel treatment.  Her concerns are pock marks as well as nasolabial fold lines and very few early lines around the eye area.

After her first treatment, she told me this was the first time she has noticed a significant difference in all of those areas.  She has had Fraxel treatment done in the past and did not notice much difference at all in the pock marks and only slight differences in the lines around the eyes.  With the Fraxel she had 2 weeks of downtime, whereby with the INTRAcel, she found it was only a few days - the day after she was fairly pink (wind burnt looking), and the next day into makeup and off to work.

A video of her latest treatment is below.

We thank her VERY MUCH, as she has allowed us to show video of her INTRAcel treatment.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Skin Care for Every Age Group

The best skin care for this age group is simply keeping the skin clean without causing harm with any harsh chemicals.  Generally this age group can simply wash their face with water in the am and pm.  However, if there are any signs of pores becoming clogged, then it may be time to introduce a very gentle cleanser - DO NOT USE YOUR MOM'S! - for two reasons.  The first being, she probably spent a lot of $$ on it and you would get into trouble!  The second, it will likely be much too harsh for you.  My recommendation would be to use a product like Cetaphil.  You can find it at the drug store and it isn't expensive and is extremely gentle.

Ah the pesky teen skin dilemas.  This will most likely be the worst period of time in your life in terms of having nice, healthy looking skin.  Between puberty, the dramas of teen life (ie. Stress), and not taking proper care of your skin - this is a tough decade.  My advice - find a cleanser that is best suited to your skin type.  Most teens find their skin becoming quite oily, therefore a gel cleanser for oily skin would work well.  Also a blemish cream - one that not only helps to cover up blemishes but also helps to treat them, not just dry out the skin, (like our Blemish Balm), will become your best friend!  Now that your mom won't be looking out for your hygene needs - remember to cleanse twice a day (am and pm) and use water based mineral sunscreen in the summer months.  I recommend buying a really good light sunscreen that is non-comedogenic (non clogging) with at least a 15 SPF, and use it daily if you are going to be out in the sun for more than 15 minutes.  In terms of exfoliating and moisturizing - these can exacerbate an acneic condition if you are not careful.  I would definitely recommend speaking to a professional about what will work best for you.  This is a great time to have your first facial - see there is some good news!  Seeing a professional and learning about your skins needs would be very helpful.
*NOTE: DO NOT use products with Benzoyl Peroxide, products with high alcohol content, and do not use soap.  Prolonged use of harsh chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide may cause increased redness, and may even result in Rosacea.  Many teens like the way these products cause the skin to feel dry and tight and without oils, however, the sebaceous glands begin to work even harder to lubricate the skin, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Welcome to your 20's!  This is the decade of fun, fun and more fun!  By this point your hormones have settled and you no longer look like a connect the dot activity - Hurray!  This is a good time to re-evaluate your skin and what it may need.  You'll likely still need that blemish balm for a spot here or there (if you are like me - you may need it for LIFE!), of course a good cleanser - the gel cleanser may have become too drying by now - make sure you assess your skin and choose the right products.  DO NOT STEAL YOUR MOMS - again for the same 2 reasons above and DO NOT USE WHATEVER IS UNDER THE BATHROOM COUNTER.  Again - for 2 reasons.  The first, if it is expired or has been open for a while it has likely gone bad. (If you aren't sure if it's expired - the rule of thumb is 18 months or less unopened is okay or 6-12 months if it was opened). The second, it likely isn't what is best for your skin.  If you use product just to "use it up", and it isn't right for your skin, you will have to deal with some sort of skin backlash (ie. Break outs, hives, itchiness, blotchiness, dry patches, sensitivities - get the picture?).  The 20's mark the start of your adult skin care regime - YAY! (Now you start to take even longer to get ready each day!).  You should now be using an appropriate cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and moisturizer with SPF.  By 25, you should be also using an eye cream to help prevent fine lines and keep the eye area hydrated.  A moisturizer will not absorb into the eye area as the molecular structure of a moisturizer is too large.

This is the decade where you tell yourself you don't miss your 20's at all and you are at the pinacle of your being.  And it really is kind of sort of true…
As for your skin - well now you have some new problems - likely caused by your refusal to wear sunscreen with at least a 15 SPF daily - YES - fine lines. :(
The cruel little things start at the sides of the eyes and a line or two may be starting to furrow between your brows and - do those smile lines seem a little deeper?  So, what do we do?  This is when we start to use anything and everything to grasp onto our "youthful glow".  Seriously now, my advice, is to start using age preventing creams suitable for your skin type of course.  Usually if you haven't switched to a cream cleanser yet, this may be the decade for you to do so.  You most definitely do not want to be dry, which encourages and highlights a wrinkle as well.  You should still use what I mentioned from your 20's, but this is a good time to add an anti-aging serum to the list.  I would also recommend starting Microdermabrasion treatments.  As we age, the process by which the skin naturally exfoliates and sloughs off,  begins to slow down.  It needs a little help from exfoliants and treatments such as Microdermabrasion.  They are a great first step toward age prevention and you will look and feel FANTASTIC!

40 and Up
I am not sure since I'm not there yet…ok I'm in denial, let's move on please! (I should have changed it to "41 and Up" Lol!).  Some of you may be thinking that is too vast a group - 40 - 99!  However, really the skin care needs will be quite similar.  Skin care will always need to be customized to your specific needs.  In these years, you want to use a great basic line (as you started in your 20's), but you will tweak it as your skin changes ie. Products for dry, oily, sensitive, etc.  You also want to be using eye cream (from 25-30yrs - FOREVER), an exfoliant, an anti-aging serum, and occasional masks if required (certain conditions will see a great improvement with the use of masks).  For most people continuing with Microdermabrasion treatments will really benefit their skin - the products you use will penetrate much better as well as helping you maintain that youthful glow.  For some, skin peels may be better, or may be recommended in conjunction with Microdermabrasion.  For those with redness in their cheeks or sun damage, a series of IPL treatments may be the solution.  This is also the age group that may wish to start to use Botox and/or fillers for those annoying deeper lines.  A more natural way to treat those lines (and also treat any pock mark scars/large pores/loose skin/etc.), would be the INTRAcel treatment.  (I will be having another one shortly, and will blog about it - maybe I'll even show you some video/pics!).  Remember, if in doubt of what treatments or products you should be using, we will always provide a complimentary skin analysis.

My First Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Very cool! Literally and figuratively. When I watched the video, I thought I looked a little freaked out - but I really wasn't.  I actually rather enjoyed it.  (What is with the pot light making my nose glow and look double the size??!)The first minute is fine, the 2nd starts to feel like when I was watching the kids skiing and the cold started to seep into my upper thighs and butt.  The last 20 seconds felt more like I had sat down on a block of ice and was getting frost bite.  My favourite part was immediately after I came out.  I felt cool little tingles all over - especially on the upper thighs and buttocks.  I felt like my saddlebags were frozen and going to fall right off - which was very satisfying!  (even if it was in my imagination).  Then it was back to work and everything was completely normal.  The tingling lasted for maybe 1/2 an hour afterwards.  It's hard to say for sure because I did get busy with work afterwards.  I felt good and am most definitely interested in continuing treatment.  Roman has explained to me that without a package any chronic pain and any real long term results would not be likely - which makes sense. 

Check out Roman's website and his monthly promos at www.cryotherapywellness.ca.


IntraCEL Treatment

Many of you have been very curious as to what an IntraCEL treatment is and what it can do for you.  I have been asked many questions, so I would like to explain the treatment further and show you some video clips of the actual treatment.

I had a demo day back in February of this year and I too had the treatment done along with a few others.  As many of you already know - I am a BIG suck.  However, I was fairly comfortable during the treatment (thank goodness for numbing cream).   We all went to work the next day - a little pinkier than usual, however, nothing absurd and noticable.   I would advise however, if possible, take the next day off of work (just in case you feel too red or swollen).  By approximately 3 weeks after the treatment I was VERY happy with the difference I noticed in my nasiolabial folds and the overall taughtness and texture of my skin.

Here is what to expect from beginning to end:

The treatment begins with the application of a numbing cream (approx. 30-40mins), then it is cleansed, and the treatment begins.  There is a disposible cartrige which houses 49 needles that are delivered quickly into the skin, then emitting Radio Frequency(RF) to the dermis.  The needles are thermal needles which keep the RF from reaching the epidermis – sparing it from burns/damage. Most other treatments cause damage to the epidermis first and try to deliver enough energy to the dermis.  The treatment time is approx. 30 minutes followed by a cooling face mask with cold pack to reduce any inflammation and redness (approx. 15mins).  Then a sunscreen is applied.  Total booking time 2 hours.

What is to be expected in the days following:

That same day and for the next day as well, cold packs will help with any swelling or discomfort.  There are also specific masks that are in the Post Care Kit (apply 1 am and 1 pm/must be kept in the fridge).

The skin will look pink and may have some needle marks – usually resolving within 3-5 days.  If you are using the Blemish Balm most people would not notice anything is different about you.  Most return to work within a day or two.  If you are nervous about what your reaction might be, I would recommend that you plan to be at home for the first day post treatment.

With just one treatment most will notice a difference in their lines, wrinkles, elasticity, texture, large pores, and scars.  It also helps to improve loose neck skin.  Depending on your concerns you may need to do 3 - 5 treatments for optimal results.  However, if you have mild symptoms of aging, a treatment 1-2 times a year can go a long way!  This is an incredible treatment to aid in the prevention of unwanted signs of aging.

Here are a few links that might give you a better idea of the procedure:

Intracel with Dr. Mulholland on Breakfast t.v.:

A personal experience documented:

A bloggers review:


Dr. Poon’s neck area Before and After shots:


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.  I believe this is an awesome treatment – allowing us to age gracefully (not plastically).  With subtle differences in lines/wrinkles we aren’t denying our age, just looking great while aging!

Grand Opening Pics...

What a FABULOUS day! Thank you to all of you who came out to celebrate with us.  A special thank you to our awesome Mayor, Mr. Maurizio Bevilacqua and our Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca.  It made for the perfect start to a great future in Vaughan.

Also a BIG thank you to Dolce Bombe (2 doors down from us) for the huge platter of YUMMY Bombe!  If you haven't tried one, you haven't lived!


Sunscreen: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

Here it is - the "Coles Notes" Version of our recent research….

The Good…

  • Mexoryl (strong photostable protection)
  • Tinosorb S and Tinosorb M UVA blockers (better than Avobenzone)
  • Zinc Oxide - UVA protector
  • Slather it on - studies show we use 1/4 to 2/3 of the proper amount to provide us with the products SPF rating
  • Cover up where possible
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Canada is working on stiffer sunscreen rules than our U.S neighbour.  It's taking a closer look at Europe - who has much tougher sunscreen regulation.  As of now, more than 50% of our sunscreens would never be able to be sold in Europe.


The Bad…(AVOID)

  • Oxybenzone - disrupts hormones in the body
  • Sprays  (inhilation concerns/inadecuit coverage
  • Loose powders ( same as above)
  • Retinyl Palmitate/Vit A (harmful when in the sun)
  • No spray sunscreens - lungs/respiratory
  • Have your Vitamin D levels checked - you do not want to be depleted of such an important nutrient in the body.  You may need to supplement.
  • UVA rays do not decline as much when the sun is lower in the sky or is overcast and also - really bad news - it penetrates glass!  That really stinks!  So…in other words, make sure you are wearing a daily cream or make up with 15 or greater SPF.  

The Ugly…

Oh that "healthy" bronzed glow…IT'S NOT HEALTHY!...

  • DO NOT USE TANNING BEDS - they expose us to 15 times more UV radiation then the sun. This is what they believe has caused the increase in Melanoma cases.
  • Do not use self tanning creams - many chemicals in them have not been tested.
  • MEN - USE SUNSCREEN!  Only 34% of men vs. 78% of women use sunscreen and twice as many men are dying from melanoma.
  • TEENS - Here is a shocker - YOU WILL BE 40 ONE DAY - so take care of your skin.  Almost every 40+ person we see, tells us they wish they had been better with taking care of their skin in their teens/early 20's.


...Sneak Peak...

After months of hard work and planning, we are very pleased with the outcome.  Our new location is what we were hoping for and more.  We wanted to achieve an ambiance of peace and tranquility with a contemporary look - and we believe it is exactly that.  Come see for yourself.  Arrive a few minutes early or stay after your appointment and enjoy a Nespresso while listening to the peaceful water wall, and read a magazine.  Life is all about little stolen moments of pleasure!



Thank you for the kind words...

Thank you so much for everyone who came out and "signed and sealed" their warm wishes into our front desk!