NEW! The Vampire Facial

Watch footage from my treatment! 

Why would anyone want to inject their own blood into their face?
One of the most appealing factors is that you cannot be allergic to your own blood.  It is a very safe treatment.  Here is a list of benefits to getting 400-500 needles filled with your own plasma injected into your face...

  • Helps with cell regeneration
  • Eases the appearance of lines/wrinkles
  • Promotes collagen and elastin growth
  • Helps with dark eye circles
  • Minimizes scars 
  • Improves overall tone & texture
  • Reduces large pores

The list of benefits is long and it does sound a little too good to be true, however, there have been many studies done on this and these treatments really do work!  I can also tell you first hand that it really doesn't hurt.  I don't like needles.  I never have.  I still can't watch my blood being drawn (or someone else's).  I also have a low pain threshold - yes, I am a bit of a suck.  What I am trying to say is that it really wasn't so bad.  We do numb the skin first, so honestly it really doesn't feel bad at all.  Before you know it, it's all over and done with and you can't believe you had over 400 needles in your face!  Now if you have had the Intracel treatment done before, then it's really a cake walk seeing as you have 98,000 needles with that treatment!  All in the name of looking fantastic.  Is it worth it?  I think so!  I am not ready to succumb to aging.  I plan to fight it all the way.  Maybe when I'm 80 I won't care, but until then the battle is on! 

*PRP is also available for scalp treatments which stimulate hair growth.  Book a consultation to learn more.