March 21st

Last evening,  I had the "pleasure" of having my first Botox Treatment.  I can add this to the list of "Fun Things to Do When You Turn 40".  An anti-aging bucket list if you will that seems to be growing.  I must say, I was much more worried about the pain than anything else.  A big thank you to Dr. Amber Bocknek, as she is quite the pro and thanks to her technique, I really didn't feel much at all.  Keep in mind - I am a BIG suck.  Therefore, if I can do it - anyone can!  

She was wonderful at answering all of my questions and put me at ease immediately.  It was easy to trust her, you could tell this was second nature to her.  She also knows how to correct uneven brows by tweaking the amounts/placement injected.  I just wanted the "Intro to Botox" - nothing fancy, nothing obvious.  I wouldn't want anyone to know I have Botox. ;)

I had brought my friend - the squeeze ball - and boy was it squeezed!  I was squeezing it with anticipation of pain - but honestly speaking - it really never came.  I had it done in her home and her dog Chloe kept trying to grab my squeeze ball.  So cute - but not a chance Chloe!  

Now, I wait.  Apparently it will take 3-5 days to "take".  As of now I can still smile my heart out and my beautiful - as I like to call them - accordian of lines beside my eyes are still in tacked.  I look forward to that relaxing a bit - ok, a lot!  My children will be happy when I can no longer scowl so deeply as well!

March 23 - 3 days post treatment

LOVING IT!  My furrow doesn't furrow as much and my crows feet are not wrinkling up at all on my left side and my right side is MUCH better.   I think I look 5 years younger already. Even my husband commented on how great my skin looks.  It is smooth in the areas that were creasing up so badly.

March 25 - 5 days post treatment

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  This turning back the clock thing is pretty cool!  Now my really bad, creasy right eye looks great too!  It still looks natural though - no one would be able to tell.  I feel great!  It is a real confidence booster.  I thought my skin looked pretty good - but when I would smile, my eye area really made me look older than I am.  Now I feel great and am not self-conscious about it.  

Looking forward to seeing what you think the next time you are in!