Do you want to be hair free for Summer 2020?

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This is what 21 years of not having to shave looks like. Do you know how awesome it is to be able to throw on a skirt anytime? Or go for a swim or hot tub without having to worry about last minute prep?

 You are likely a part of one of two camps. You've either tried laser hair removal and it didn't work well for you or you still haven't tried it because you are scared of all that you have heard about it.

 If you have tried it and it hasn't worked, it is likely because it was not done with a medical grade laser.  If you say yes to any of the following, you're treatments were not done with a laser.

  • You had to wax the area prior to treatment. (This is my personal favourite - absolutely ridiculous. The laser needs to see the roots).

  • You had a treatment every 4 weeks for a body area or every 2-3 weeks for the face (way too soon - there should not be regrowth at that time).

  • It's painless.

  • You had a full body treatment done in less than an hour.

  • You paid what someone would pay for a waxing appointment.

I like to save money too. However, I have learned that there are certain things worth paying for. For example, after my cheap no brand name kitchen catcher broke on route to the garage, and there was gross, wet garbage all over the floor - I knew I'd always by Glad bags. After using cheap no brand paper towel - I needed an entire roll to absorb a small spill - I knew I'd buy Scotties or Bounty. I won't even talk about cheap toilet paper! LOL!

 This is why we have people that come from all over for laser hair removal. They too have learned the cost of low priced treatments and would rather save time and money in the long run. We produce the best results possible. That sounds bold and even cocky - but it's the truth. I have been doing laser for over 24 years now. Yes that is a long time! (I started at 12). This is an industry that you truly get what you pay for. If you only compare price you will be disappointed in your results.

 Why is treatment with a medical grade laser more expensive? A medical grade laser comes with high maintenance costs. They are intricate machines and require more care. Both parts and labour come with a very high price tag.

 Here's my suggestion. First of all, book a consultation at 3 different clinics. Make sure they each provide a patch test as well. Have them explain the procedure and the expectations. Then ask yourself a few questions…

  1.  Do you feel comfortable at this clinic and with this technician?

  2. Do you feel confident that they know what they are talking about?

  3. How does your test patch look? If you have medium - dark brown hair, you should see little dark dots that look singed.

  4. Have they taken the time to answer all your questions? Or do you feel rushed?

Still on the fence? Book those consultations and you'll feel much better about starting treatment. Being hair free is the most amazing feeling. I have been hair free for over 21 years! When done properly - it is the best money you'll ever spend.