We are very excited to launch the first and only Health Canada approved BB Glow treatment in Canada.

The struggle against fine lines, uneven skin tone, and breakouts can seem like a never-ending battle, but it’s one we all struggle with. Age, hormones, our diet, UV rays and more can all impact the health and vibrancy of our skin. Using cover up only masks these conditions and is a short-term solution at best. If you're tired of dealing with any of these skin issues, perhaps our latest addition to the Freedom service menu - the BB Glow - is your solution.

BB Glow treatments use mesotherapy to infuse an effective formulation of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and titanium dioxide. This is a fantastic year round treatment to help lighten and brighten the skin. It is great for targeting hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and even melasma (hormonal pigmentation).

Buyer beware! Most BB Glow treatments are NOT Health Canada approved. They are actually infusing pigment into the skin to give that tanned look - permanently. This is extremely dangerous and is not recommended.

Watch our latest video shoot with our guest Patricia Curto from @Vaughanmoms. See her BB Glow treatment in action. Comment below with any questions.