July's Skin Care Challenge

Happy Birthday Canada!

YES! July 1st is here! How are you kicking off Summer's arrival?  We have been enjoying some family time up north at the cottage. Definitely a few beverages and a plenitude of meals have been had. Afterall what's Canada Day without a cider (I'm not a beer fan), and a burger?

Everything in moderation, right? On that note, I have decided to take the Peloton 30 day fitness challenge. Basically I've committed myself to doing some sort of workout each day for the next 30 days. Now I figure I can enjoy the weekend festivities guilt free. ;)

This challenge got me thinking... Why not a skin care challenge? People tend to get lazy with their skin care routine, facial treatments and....I know it's awful but it's true - sunscreen! So I decided to start our own Freedom July Skin Care Challenge.

This challenge will show you how a good skin care routine can and will change your skin and have you looking and feeling your best. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is simply this…

  1. You commit to using a proper skincare regime morning and night (yes including washing your face every night).

  2. You wear a daily broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen of 30+.

…We also recommend you have a Summer Safe facial treatment sometime during the Month of July (a quick consultation prior to treatment will determine which treatment is best for you).

2 easy steps to amazing looking skin (3 if you up your game and have a treatment). You can do this! Some of you are already great at it (that is why you look fantastic).

Let us help you get past your excuses. Things we often hear:

  • I don't have a great skin care routine.

    • Call us at 647-799-0400 or email us and we can help put one together for you to either pick up or we can help you with an online order that will ship to you for FREE.

  • I can't spend much money right now.

    • We want to help you out. We are offering 10% off a single service or 15% off a package (including custom treatment plans)

  • I don't have the time to do all those steps in the morning.

    • Are you sure? Do you brush your teeth each morning? (I hope you said yes) :). Well that is all the time it takes to do "all those steps". Cleanse, tone (our Alumier cleanser is a two in one), eye cream, serum, moisturizer, SPF (we also have a moisturizer with SPF). So if you're really pressed for time, you can narrow it down to 4 products (with our two in ones). It won't take more than two minutes - three if you're slow.

  • I am too tired before bed.

    • Are you that person? The one that just falls into bed without washing their face? I'll bet you brush your teeth though (again, I hope so). You're already at the sink! Splash that water on your face and you will wake up just enough to finish your 2 minute routine - your skin (and pillowcase) will thank you. Then you'll go to bed and your skin can do the overnight repair work it needs to do while at rest.

Ready to ditch the excuses and get on the right track? Do this with us for the month of July. Be diligent. Your refection will be your reward. You will feel more confident and look radiant…and then you'll be hooked. :)

Still not enough inspiration? You could WIN A FREE FACIAL TREATMENT VALUED AT UP TO $350!

Draw will be held on August 1st.

You have until July 5th to register.

How to collect entries for the draw….

  • 1 entry for registration (just reply to this email or DM us on FB or Instagram)

  • 1 entry for every time you touch base with us throughout the challenge. Message or DM us each week to let us know you are still on track (maximum 4 entries).

  • 3 entries for each post or story you share on social (FB & Instagram).

So? Will you take the Freedom Skin Care Challenge?

Winner will be announced on social on August 1st.

Now go rock your routine!