Your Personalized Skin Care Treatment Plan Awaits...

It seems we have been keeping a secret from you. We have been providing personalized treatment plans for quite some time - but we haven't been promoting the service. I guess the start of a new year is as good time as any to get the word out! If one of your goals for 2019 is to have great looking skin - then read on!

Many of our packages (i.e. Microdermabrasion Facials, Micro-Needling treatments, Peels, etc.) complement each other and will help you achieve your ultimate skin care goals. Therefore, it's best they be combined for a personalized treatment plan. We'll assess what your skin needs and work with you to put together a plan of action. No single treatment is usually the answer. The skin responds best to a series of different skin care treatments which all target different aspects of care. Added bonus - you save money! You will save up to 20% on a 6 month treatment plan and 15% on products.

Here's an example of a personalized skin care treatment plan for a client targeting signs of aging and sun damage….

  • January - Mini Microdermabasion & Photo Facial (sun damage and/or broken capillaries)

  • February - Green Peel - Energy (mid-level resurfacing without much downtime)

  • March - Micro-Needling (almost no downtime)

  • April - Alumier Glow Peel

  • May - Micro-Needling

  • June - Intracel (Micro-Needling with radio frequency)

Clients who follow a treatment plan have amazing looking skin. We love hearing about how much more confident they feel. It's a great feeling for us too!

Here are some common questions:

Do I need to book 1 treatment per month? No.

Do I need to pay for the entire package up front? No. You pay a deposit to secure the package, then we set you up with regular payments based on the treatment schedule.

Do I have to spend a lot of time on this? The short answer - No.

The long answer….No. Most treatments are approx. 1 hour in length and in terms of post care at home - we recommend you follow a proper am/pm regime. It really does make a difference in maintaining your results and nourishing your skin. Your face is battling the elements each day - you want to nourish as well as protect it.

Is there any downtime? Can I go to work the next day? Most often you are fine the next day. Each treatment has some minimal downtime we will go through all the details and home care at your initial consultation as well as prior to each treatment.

How do I start? Book a free consultation with one of our medical estheticians and learn about what treatment plan would be suitable for you, your skin type and your budget. Then we get you started on the road to amazing skin!

Remember your skin is your best accessory! Take good care of it.