My First Micro-Needling Experience

Micro-Needling has become super popular but as most of you know, I don't like to jump on the band wagon until I see proof. I researched it and learned more about the benefits and I had to admit it was impressive.  The next natural step was to have a treatment done, so off I went. I had a treatment done by a medical esthetician friend of mine in T.O.  It really wasn't bad at all.  I was quite red after, and you cannot wear makeup nor anything with a tint for a minimum of 12 hours afterwards.  The next day, I was only a little pink and my AlumierMD Moisture Matte SPF with tint covered it. 

Although I have had a few Intracel treatments (which is micro-needling plus radio frequency), I was still a little apprehensive as to what to expect.  I have to say this treatment was a walk in the park.  I absolutely LOVED it!  Sure, when you hear about needles being involved (no matter how "micro") it still brings on a cringe type reaction.  I really miss the days when a facial was relaxing!  Hello 40's!  No more relaxing facial treatments, nope, now we opt for a facial treatment that is going to show us some kind of result.  We target pigment, lines/wrinkles, sagging, pock marks - something we want to get rid of.  That is likely the reason micro-needling has quickly become an extremely popular service in the med spa world, as it helps with all of the above.  How?  Easy.  By creating micro wounds in the epidermis/dermis (that’s the outer layer and deeper layer of the skin) the skin goes into repair mode. It believes the area has had trauma and needs to be repaired.  This is when we begin to see results. Our collagen and elastin production is stimulated during this process therefore producing more of it.  Seeing as we don't produce much as we get older, this kind of gives it a kick in the butt.  Sort of like re-booting your computer.  

Intracel is the Queen of stimulating collagen production and reversing the signs of aging - but it is expensive, it is a longer treatment and there is a little more downtime (compared to none with this treatment).  Ok I mentioned downtime - so…yes, you are a little pink afterwards and you can be into make-up in 24 hours.  Other than that, really there isn't any.  If you tend to stay red longer than most after any treatment, then the same would be true here.  

As with anything, a consultation is your best bet.  However, micro-needling is one of those treatments you would/could do at any time, even with a slight tan, and it is worked into most treatment plans.  So, you can't go wrong.  

As for me - this is my new true love!  I love that you are done in less than an hour, you look completely fine the next day, and you can wash, rinse, repeat in 3-4 weeks for amazing results.  Insert Cher with "If I Could Turn Back Time"…. And if you don't know who Cher is - you don't need micro-needling yet.  Go back to enjoying your relaxing facials. ;)

Check out a super short video of my treatment here.