Sunscreen Guide 2016

A big thank you to Environmental Working Group for their on-going research on sunscreens and advocating for our safety.  After reading their report, I have put together a short top 10 list of what to do to protect yourself and your kids this Summer….

  1. Stay out of the sun during peak hours (12-3).
  2. Wear large rimed hat - Tilley has some great ones with 50+ UPF (check out the Men's section for Father's Day ideas).
  3. Use a 30 - 50 SPF mineral based broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen daily.
  4. Reapply every 2 hours you are outdoors.
  5. Seek shade where possible.
  6. Avoid chemical based sunscreens with ingredients such as oxybenzone (a hormone disrupter).
  7. Avoid sunscreens with Vitamin A.
  8. Allow your arms and legs to get up to 15 minutes daily unprotected sun exposure to increase your vitamin D intake (unless you are undergoing laser treatments - then supplement temporarily).
  9. Do NOT EVER use tanning beds.  Don't think about it.  It will increase your chances of skin cancer by as much as 75%!
  10. Do not use spray sunscreens as small particles are able to enter the lungs.
  11. Enjoy the Summer!  Be careful and smart about your skin and its exposure to the sun's UV rays.  Follow these tips and enjoy a sunburn free, anti-aging Summer! 

The real take on sunscreens -  We don't know to what extent they are helping vs harming us. We do know they are protecting us from burning, some skin cancers and from aging quicker than we would without them.  Since most of us slather it on from head to toe - especially on our children - we need to take other precautions and avoid some sun altogether. 

The fact that melanoma rates have tripled since the mid 70's is rather alarming.  Not to mention melanoma is rarely found in an area that receives daily sun exposure.  Other skin cancers are preventable with sunscreens, however, again, we don't know everything there is to know about them.  This article on melanoma was extremely interesting, check it out if you have a minute.  Link. 

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