Ready For A New Fall Wardrobe? Your Skin is!

I am a preacher of religiously maintaining a proper skin care routine, and it's been difficult for even me this Summer!  Between having the kids around, cottage time and way too many late nights - I have sinned!  Therefore, I am looking forward to getting my face back into shape!  

When Fall hits, my skin care routine changes along with my wardrobe.  I reintroduce my beloved PCA Retinol serum to my evening regimen, I use a little more moisturizer and I am extremely diligent in my am and pm routine - NO SLACKING! 

However, the first step that I am sooooooooooo looking forward to is having a Microdermabrasion treatment.  This is a great first step toward getting ready for fall -for basically all skin types (especially if you haven't had a treatment all Summer).  Microdermabrasion is like wiping the slate clean.  Clear away all the dirt, debris and nasty dead skin, and VOILA you have a beautifully clean canvas.  

The next step is to use awesome skin care products that will do what your skin needs them to do.  This is a very customized step, so you may want to come and see us for some help in choosing what to use.  We love product talk!  Great products really do make a difference.  

Let us help you get your skin's fall wardrobe ready!