Daniela's Day At The Med Spa

We need to look good too!  

On April 20th, Vanessa and I treated each other to a few of our fave med spa services.   When I say "fave", I do not necessarily mean "enjoyable"!  I chose to have my annual Intracel treatment.  Intracel increases mass collagen naturally in the dermal layers of the skin.  It uses thermal microneedling combined with radiofrequency in order to stimulate the increase in collagen and elastin.  It's a great way to turn back the clock and prevent the deterioration of collagen.   Personally I think Vanessa enjoyed doing this to me, a little too much!  She seemed to be laughing and smiling a lot!  I was impressed with the immediate result - thanks to applying a cold Dermal Pure Soothing mask and cooling the skin with cold packs - I looked completely fine!  No one would know I had just had 98,000 needles in my face!  (Doesn't that sound like the ultimate spa treatment)?  So over the next 2-4 months you should see me literally turning back time!

Apparently that wasn't enough.  I wanted more!  So I also had Vanessa treat an annoying mole on my face.  I have been wanting to treat it for a long time!  She used the Cryo-Probe.  It works so quickly and with very little discomfort - basically liquid nitrogen in a pen form.  It will likely need 2-3 treatments.  A dermatologist was going to remove it - surgically, but I would be left with a scar.  I look forward to getting rid of it - without a large surgery scar!