Indulge Your Senses Event @ The Club at Bond Head for DeafBlind Ontario

Last week we helped out with an event with DeafBlind Ontario, at The Club at Bond Lake - "Indulge Your Senses".  What a fantastic event it was - and an even better cause.  I don't have a pic of it, but guests experienced Desert in the Dark! Guests were blindfolded and forced to use the 4 other senses to help eat 3 different deserts - which were all on the same plate.  It was not easy!  What a crazy experience!  There are pics on DeafBlind Ontario's facebook page - see link below.

The work they do at DeafBlind Ontario is amazing!  These unfortunate people can now live a fuller more independant life - thanks to them.  

Visit to learn more, and for more pics of the event, visit their facebook page.

2014-09-25 16.24.13 for web
2014-09-25 20.49.28 for web
2014-09-25 17.12.43 for web