Laser Hair Removal...You Get What You Pay For

Laser Hair Removal has somehow turned into something that every esthetician on every corner offers - at a VERY minimal cost.  How is that possible?  This question is posed quite often.  I would like to disspell the myths of Lasers and educate you on why a spade is not always a spade.  Most estheticians, spas and yes - shockingly even medical clinics, use a low powered IPL machine which will NEVER produce the same result as a medical grade laser.  Why?  Because good quality technologies cost a lot of money.  

Lasers are each made to target specific skin types.  If the incorrect laser is used for your skin/hair type, the result may be poor, or worse - you may burn.  At times, if not enough energy is used, it may de-pigment the hair - leaving it white and untreatable for any machine (other than electrolysis).  

Why not purchase one of those dirt cheap online "deals" for unlimited laser hair removal?  Most times these deals come with your very own fresh out of school - or better yet, still in school, technician.  Some are working to accumulate hours and are not paid.  Also, they usually have you coming in more often (4 week intervals or less).  In the end, you have paid almost the same amount and have at least 50-70% of the hair remaining.  

What to look for when shopping around for Laser Hair Removal…

I have listed these in order of importance.
    • STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGIES - Must be the best laser for your skin/hair type
    • HIGH POWERED TECHNOLOGIES WHICH PRODUCE EXCELLENT RESULTS IN FEWER TREATMENTS - for most areas you should be treated in 6-8 week intervals (with little growth in between treatments), for approximately 5-7 treatments.  (After which you should only require 1-3 touch ups) (These are averages - we do have clients who need more and others who need less).
    • DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR DIFFERENT SERVICES (Not 1 machine for every service) - we use the Alexandrite laser for hair removal in lighter skin/hair types, the ND:YAG for darker skin/hair types, the IPL for Photo Facials (inc. broken capillaries, Rosacea, sun damage, age spots, etc.), the INTRAcel for Skin Tightening, Skin Resurfacing, Scars, Deep/Fine Lines/Wrinkles, the DermaPod for Microdermabrasion and our Silhouet Tone Electrolysis machine with disposable needles and caps for Electrolysis.
    • EXPERTISE - The Clinic Director MUST have a Minimum of 10 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY
    • EXTREMELY HYGENIC AND SAFE - Follow all recommendations from Health Canada - using only high quality sterilization techniques and use of disposable items where possible
    • CLIENTS ARE AT EASE QUICKLY (all treatments are personal and each client should be made to feel comfortable)
    • WARM FRIENDLY STAFF AND ATMOSPHERE - a place where you know the team actually cares about your results and wellbeing.

So, when shopping for Laser Hair Removal or any Medical Spa treatments, remember, more important than cost - is VALUE.  What are you actually paying for?  As with most things in get what you pay for.