My First Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Very cool! Literally and figuratively. When I watched the video, I thought I looked a little freaked out - but I really wasn't.  I actually rather enjoyed it.  (What is with the pot light making my nose glow and look double the size??!)The first minute is fine, the 2nd starts to feel like when I was watching the kids skiing and the cold started to seep into my upper thighs and butt.  The last 20 seconds felt more like I had sat down on a block of ice and was getting frost bite.  My favourite part was immediately after I came out.  I felt cool little tingles all over - especially on the upper thighs and buttocks.  I felt like my saddlebags were frozen and going to fall right off - which was very satisfying!  (even if it was in my imagination).  Then it was back to work and everything was completely normal.  The tingling lasted for maybe 1/2 an hour afterwards.  It's hard to say for sure because I did get busy with work afterwards.  I felt good and am most definitely interested in continuing treatment.  Roman has explained to me that without a package any chronic pain and any real long term results would not be likely - which makes sense. 

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