INTRAcel in action at Freedom

We are seeing GREAT results with our INTRAcel treatments!  I recently had a client come in for her 2nd INTRAcel treatment.  Her concerns are pock marks as well as nasolabial fold lines and very few early lines around the eye area.

After her first treatment, she told me this was the first time she has noticed a significant difference in all of those areas.  She has had Fraxel treatment done in the past and did not notice much difference at all in the pock marks and only slight differences in the lines around the eyes.  With the Fraxel she had 2 weeks of downtime, whereby with the INTRAcel, she found it was only a few days - the day after she was fairly pink (wind burnt looking), and the next day into makeup and off to work.

A video of her latest treatment is below.

We thank her VERY MUCH, as she has allowed us to show video of her INTRAcel treatment.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts.