IntraCEL Treatment

Many of you have been very curious as to what an IntraCEL treatment is and what it can do for you.  I have been asked many questions, so I would like to explain the treatment further and show you some video clips of the actual treatment.

I had a demo day back in February of this year and I too had the treatment done along with a few others.  As many of you already know - I am a BIG suck.  However, I was fairly comfortable during the treatment (thank goodness for numbing cream).   We all went to work the next day - a little pinkier than usual, however, nothing absurd and noticable.   I would advise however, if possible, take the next day off of work (just in case you feel too red or swollen).  By approximately 3 weeks after the treatment I was VERY happy with the difference I noticed in my nasiolabial folds and the overall taughtness and texture of my skin.

Here is what to expect from beginning to end:

The treatment begins with the application of a numbing cream (approx. 30-40mins), then it is cleansed, and the treatment begins.  There is a disposible cartrige which houses 49 needles that are delivered quickly into the skin, then emitting Radio Frequency(RF) to the dermis.  The needles are thermal needles which keep the RF from reaching the epidermis – sparing it from burns/damage. Most other treatments cause damage to the epidermis first and try to deliver enough energy to the dermis.  The treatment time is approx. 30 minutes followed by a cooling face mask with cold pack to reduce any inflammation and redness (approx. 15mins).  Then a sunscreen is applied.  Total booking time 2 hours.

What is to be expected in the days following:

That same day and for the next day as well, cold packs will help with any swelling or discomfort.  There are also specific masks that are in the Post Care Kit (apply 1 am and 1 pm/must be kept in the fridge).

The skin will look pink and may have some needle marks – usually resolving within 3-5 days.  If you are using the Blemish Balm most people would not notice anything is different about you.  Most return to work within a day or two.  If you are nervous about what your reaction might be, I would recommend that you plan to be at home for the first day post treatment.

With just one treatment most will notice a difference in their lines, wrinkles, elasticity, texture, large pores, and scars.  It also helps to improve loose neck skin.  Depending on your concerns you may need to do 3 - 5 treatments for optimal results.  However, if you have mild symptoms of aging, a treatment 1-2 times a year can go a long way!  This is an incredible treatment to aid in the prevention of unwanted signs of aging.

Here are a few links that might give you a better idea of the procedure:

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Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.  I believe this is an awesome treatment – allowing us to age gracefully (not plastically).  With subtle differences in lines/wrinkles we aren’t denying our age, just looking great while aging!