Kiss Me Mascara and Blinc Liquid Eyeliner

Oh My!  Thank Goodness I found out about these products!  For some strange reason I have developed a weird "eye thing".  I had to stop wearing my beloved mascara - yes I had to take DRASTIC measures.  And I am one of those people with light and tiny eyelashes - it was a devastating blow!  My eyes would sting and burn and itch when wearing it.  If I dared to wear it in a moment of backlash (pardon the pun), it always won, making me regret my decision.  It was actually a good friend of mine who introduced me to Kiss Me.  (We have become best friends since).  It is the only mascara I can wear.  It doesn't seep into my eyeballs midday, it doesn't decide to move south to the crease under my eye, it doesn't even run when I am out in the rain or should I have teary eyes!  LOVE IT!  Now my sensitive, light coloured lashes have nothing to complain about.

So…I decided to put both the mascara and eyeliner to the test.  I took pics of my make up at the end of the night (after a full day of wearing it), then I slept with it on (I know - immoral!).  I then took pics in the am.  Take a look - NO BLACK SMUDGES ON MY PILLOW - and my eye makeup still looks pretty good. That would have been good to have back in the day (coming home in the wee hours)!