Summer of 2012 Sun Protection Guide - Sunscreens EXPOSED!

It was quite shocking to see what is happening in the sunscreen world.  We have come along way, however, not far enough.  The FDA is working on changing the current regulations.  In the meantime, I highly recommend educating yourself on the topic.  There are some extremely harmful ingredients in MOST sunscreens - choose wisely!

What to AVOID when choosing a sunscreen:
    - Oxybenzone - this is a Hormone Disrupter, may cause cellular damage and is linked to allergies
    - Retinol palmitate or retinyl palmitate - may cause skin tumours and lesions
    - Sprays - they may be inhaled and can be very damaging to the lungs
    - Loose powder sunscreens - possibly carcinogenic when inhaled
What to look for:
    - Avobenzone 3%
    - Mineral sunscreens are the safest choice as per EWG Environmental Working Group
    - Mexoryl SX (ecamsule) - great mineral sunscreen ingredient (has high UVA)
TEST YOUR SUNSCREEN!  What is your score?  See how your sunscreen measures up by following this link

If you are using what we have been recommending - Ombrelle 60 SPF, you may be disappointed to note - it isn't listed!  I am confident however that our score should not be higher than a 3 (the lower the score the better the product).  I have emailed them to notify them they are missing an important contender.  Remember however, the Ombrelle 45 does have Oxybenzone in it - so AVOID that one.

Nine surprising truths about sunscreens.

I have used some sunscreens in the past that have made it to the Hall of Shame!  Have you? Check it out…  

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On a less serious note, I'm sure you may have some great stories from "back in the day" when we used to lather on baby oil and the coconut smelling Coppertone oils.  Share them with us!