My Husband's Isagenix Comments...


Oh, and I asked my husband for his thoughts:

I love this stuff! Not because I’ve lost a few pounds and a notch on my belt (that doesn’t hurt), but because I feel great when I’m taking my two shakes + one healthy meal a day. Gone is my dependency on the morning caffeine kick (I didn’t enjoy the first couple mornings not having a coffee!), gone are the mid-day cravings, and gone is the mid-afternoon energy wall. Instead, I have a consistent amount of energy throughout the day and I feel great – really great! Some of my favorite products include the chocolate shake in the morning (I throw in a whole banana), and the energy drink – say goodbye to the sweet and salty store bought junk…this stuff is excellent! The breakfast shake keeps me full until noon. If I have a lunch meeting with a client, that’ll be my meal for the day, and I’ll have a shake for dinner. Otherwise, I go with the shake for lunch, plus some healthy snacks and I’m good until dinner. As long as I can keep Daniela from breaking out the wine and cheese in the evening, I’m good for the day. I’m very sensitive to getting headaches if I don’t eat right. On this system I haven’t been getting any headaches because I haven’t been hungry and because the nutrients in the system are excellent. I plan on continuing to use these products. I’m a fan!