Daniela's Isagenix Challenge

My goal was simply to do a proper cleanse. One where I am not starving, and my body is being fed good quality nutrients. My husband joined me (thank goodness - that made it much easier to stay on track). Katerina advised us to stay off of all dairy (yes that includes cheese - my fave), red meat (another fave), coffee and alcohol (2 more faves) and very little sugar especially at night time - for 30 days. Well, I have to admit, I did have the odd tiny lapse - I AM HUMAN (and I do love my wine)! However, for the most part we stuck to the plan. I have to admit, I never felt hungry (except on a "cleanse" day, which is one day per week - even then the hunger was suppressed with some healthy snacks and LOTS of water). I LOVE the shakes and my husband and I have decided we will continue to have those for breakfast. We add a whole banana and some frozen berries and feel very sustained until lunch. Normally I would find myself hungry by 10:30/11am. I also know that I am getting so many more nutrients with the shake and I am eating much more fruit because of it - win win! I have noticed a few changes in myself 1. I feel as though I have more energy throughout the day. 2. It has made me want to work out more and take better care of myself. 3. I just feel healthier! 4. It has made me appreciate wine even more! LOL!

This was my first cleanse ever. I have never really believed we needed to "cleanse". I must say Katerina has taught me a lot about taking care of my body - without feeling deprived of anything. I have been using Isagenix products for awhile now, but now I will incorporate them into my daily life - because I feel healthier taking them.

I also asked a client of mine how she was finding it so far. She was only on it for 9 days at that point. She said she was already feeling a difference in the way her clothes felt. She was so surprised that she was actually starting to see an outline of her figure – better definition. She is very excited! She is also very pleased that the shakes taste great and she hasn’t felt hungry.

If you are interested or even just curious, give Katerina a call at 416-274-9108, or feel free to ask me about it. She will also help you devise a plan that suits your needs. This can be used as a GREAT weight loss program - and you won't feel hungry!

To GREAT health!