Daniela's Green Peel Experience

Like Vanessa, I recently had a Green Peel treatment.  Check out this video to see my experience.

I kept a journal of my treatment and have am sharing it with you here.  Take a look at how things went for me:

Wed Oct 10

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!  I had my Green Peel Classic (that is the BIG one), done today.  I am anxious to see the results.  So far, my skin feels a bit annoying - tingling, a little itchy, really warm, and very taught.  It feels weird to not splash water on my face.  You are not to use water on your skin until your follow up facial which is 5-7 days later.  I am having mine done on Tuesday.  To cleanse you need to soak a cotton ball with the toner you are given (Herbal Care Lotion), then pat dry and apply the Special Care Cream and Blemish Balm (which has SPF 30 and hides redness and helps to heal the skin and work on impurities at the same time - the Miracle Cream!).  Well, now I am going to put a towel on my pillow (because you need to sleep with the blemish balm on).  Night, night!

Thurs Oct 11

So still feeling itchy - really itchy on my jawbone.  You are not supposed to scratch, but I can't help it!  I am sneaking some little scratches - but I do want to rip it off!  Lol!  Thank goodness I am working today and very busy, so I can't stop to think about it!  It still looks totally fine though.

Ha, it's peeling already!  I went to the bathroom to "cleanse" my face (with the toner and cotton ball) and I can see my chin is peeling off already!  Usually the peeling starts on day 3 or 4!  Exciting!  The toner did help remove most of it.  Who knows what I will awaken to tomorrow??  

Fri Oct 12

Yikes!  My chin is REALLY peeling!  The nasal labial folds are starting to peel too.  YAY!  Madeline came into the bathroom and said "Mommy, you have some stuff on your chin".  LOL!  I told her that the facial I had would make my skin peel.  I wonder what she must think of that?  She just looked at me funny and continued on.  Again the toner took most of it off and my chin is looking great! (Thank goodness as I have to walk the kids to school!)   

By noon my chin, jaw line, nasal labial folds felt quite tight and prickly/itchy.  And boy were they flaky!  I had to go to my daughter's school mass, where she was doing a reading.  Prior to the mass I had texted a mommy friend who was also going, to ask her if she would mind going to the mass with a "Leper" as my skin was peeling off!  At the mass, the priest began to speak about a Leper!  Well, it was all we could do to not laugh out loud!  What a strange yet hilarious coincidence!  

Bedtime routine - when "washing" with my toner and cottonball, most of my face started to accumulate in the sink!  Oh my!  Lots of old skin simply fell off with my gentle  motion.  Cool.

Sat Oct 13

When "washing" once again, more skin started to peel off - now all over my entire face.  My forehead is completely peeling off, cheeks, still on the jawline  - my whole face!  Poor sink!  Yuck!  My skin looks awesome - except for the parts that have not peeled yet.  Thanks to the Special Care cream and the Blemish Balm - I look great! LOL!  

My face hasn't felt as itchy and tight as it was yesterday and Thursday.  As the skin peels off the skin feels better.  Can't wait for  my follow up facial on Tuesday!

Evening cleanse - WOW - my face came off!  LOL!  Well my whole face has officially peeled off.  It felt good to put the Special Care cream/Blemish Balm on.  Very soothing and now it feels very smooth.

Sun Oct 14  

This morning my face looks good.  It feels AMAZING!  So soft and smooth.  Very little peeling going on.  I think I am done peeling….we'll see!  

Wed Oct 17

Had my follow up facial done.  Ahhhh, nice to be pampered.  It felt wonderful - I even had a wonderful hand massage - thank you Vanessa!  Afterwards my skin felt so nice, soft, smooth and balanced.  It looks glowing!  Love that healthy, glowing look.  I don't know if I am imagining it, however, I do see a softness to my lines.  Yay!  I feel younger already!  I may have to do another one soon.  I think I am officially addicted.  I will let you know when I decide to do the next one.

Oct 30

Still LOVING my results!  So happy!  Thinking I may do another at the beginning of December.  I know that each time you have the Green Peel's done, you strengthen the collagen and elastin in the skin.  I like that idea!