Pigmentation/Sun Damage

The goal of this treatment is to literally cause the darker pigmented areas ie. Sun damage, age spots, etc, to become darker and irritated (sometimes blistered), in turn allowing that unwanted pigment to shed and leave behind a nicer lighter skin in its place.  Usually within 2 - 4 weeks.

There are many types of pigmentation - Epidermal (superficial), Dermal (Deep)and Mixed Dermal/Epidermal.

Epidermal pigmentation

is usually made up of solar lentigenes and freckles.  These are generally on the surface of the skin, and therefore easier to remove.

Dermal Pigmentation

is located in the Dermis - much deeper.  Melasma is a good example of Dermal Pigmentation.  The 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is best suited, as it is penetrated at the deepest level.  

Mixed Epidermal/Dermal Pigmentation

is just that, a mix of both types of pigmentation.   

Reasons for Pigmentation:

  • Overexposure to the sun.  UVA/UVB rays cause trauma to the skin, much of the time resulting in unwanted brown spots
  • Hormonal - i.e. Melasma - caused by estrogen from pregnancy or the pill
  • Skin Trauma - i.e. Acne